SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Agito

Bought this like way before I even started watching Agito ^^;. Why? Because it was cheap and one of the very few that there is actually stock of. Well, I also like its design too; Agito’s design is simple and has that modernized “classic” iconic Kamen Rider look to it… like there’s no mistake about it that this is definitely a Kamen Rider.

When my manager saw it, she said “that’s not an O! It’s Omega!”… so guess we can also call it Agitomega xP.

Agito is so simple! All you get with its SHF is just one extra pair of hands and his uh… Open V-Fin face?

Obligatory SHF Stance?

It’s very apparent that Agito shares the same rubbery body as SHF Black RX. The joints, feet, and etc. are all the same! Just molded with some variation to suit Agito’s design.

Anything that is not black is painted… so a good portion of the figure is actually just bare soft plastic. The paint job is very smooth and detailed though- just look at the belt! Of course, the most impressive part is always the eyes.Not all is perfect though… since most parts of the body aren’t painted, you can see nub marks here and there which is kinda whack. On a side note: the gold paint on Agito really is a gold color (think Tamiya Gold Leaf) but guess my lighting and camera settings made it look a bit… yellowish gold?

You can see the similarities yea?


As expected of a SHF, articulation is abundant and range of motion is wide. I like how fluid the joints move! Not too tight nor loose yet sturdy and easy to move around.

The figure is as easy to pose as it is simple!

No joints were hurt during the making of this pose.


Agito without his face… so that’s how they do the eyes!

At first I thought you swap the entire head but realized after opening that it is just the face.

I likened this gimmick to Shining Gundam’s Shining Finger mode.

Both the regular and the open-crest are made of soft plastic so there is potential that it can come in slightly warped… like mine. orz Good thing it is easily bendable though so you can also fix it somewhat. The shoulder armor is free-flopping as there is no resistance whatsoever to whatever it is connected to, and that got annoying when making certain poses and want that part to stay down.

“RAAAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRRRRRR!!!!” Oh wait… he isn’t Gills…

Agito looks a bit like Kuuga, doesn’t he?

Even if this figure is easy to pose, I can only do oh so much before play stops since he doesn’t come with any weapons >_<.

Now the finisher…


*breathes deeply*









I really like this figure even if it only has all but one gimmick. Just by itself with its bare hands, it is already a fun figure to play around… even if it is short-lived (which I don’t mind at all since the only time I’m playing with this figure is just to write this review). However, Agito is one of the more cheaper SH Figuarts I’ve seen around and it is abundant in stock all over the internet so you can probably pick one up relatively cheaper than most others. I like Agito’s design so even if play value is limited, I can still use this as a display piece (which I do with all my models/figures anyway).


12 thoughts on “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Agito

  1. I don’t know if ths applies to most or ALL Kamen Riders, but the “Rider Kick” (to me) only looks good at certain views, or at least the views from your pictures. It has a sweet spot, then some other viewing angles of it are kinda blah..

  2. Look a bit like Kuuga? Not really a coincidence. Agito is actually in the same universe as Kuuga (you’re wrong Decade). Kuuga, AKA #4, was mentioned in … I think episode 2. G3 was also modeled after Kuuga.

  3. I gotta admit that the S.H.Figuarts line seems pretty cool, however, I’m not really a fan of any Kamen Rider series. The only one I’ve considered buying is the Kyoukagaikokkaku Zero figure, which looks insanely badass. Do you plan on getting (and reviewing) it?

    1. That thing does look pretty awesome… it even looks like a KR! I need to look more into the series itself first though so I can actually get a “feel” toward the figure.

  4. Lovely figure. While it lacks the play value, I rather have it displayed instead of playing with it.

    If I could suggest, you should get either G3-X or Another Agito to pose along side Agito here. Would make a very nice view.


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