MG Turn A Gundam

This is Bandai’s 100th MG and rightfully so. I called it way before it was first announced and I probably wouldn’t have accepted any other Gundam to have this designation. Turn A was the last series directed by none other than Yoshiyuki Tomino and the titular Gundam itself designed by Syd Mead. Many people couldn’t put up with its design, especially the “mustache” but I’ve taken a liking to the Gundam after my initial “WTF” moments. My first counter with this Gundam was not from its anime but from Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden… like how I met most of the Gundam series xD. Anyway, I pre-ordered this model on the spot yet took me a couple of years to finally get around to building it ^^;

Out of the Box


Only about 10 runners of parts not including the V-Tusk and beam sabers. The decals seem to be there just for the sake of it as they look like they aren’t meant to be applied. The foil stickers here are unique as the backing is actually silver like the front. The nub marks on the V-tusk are hidden inside ^^.

The Works

This Gundam model is EASY. Very simple and very straight to the point. There are no abundance of parts to put together just for the sake of having a lot of parts. I’d say this model was designed to be efficient while still packing in the articulation and all the MG goodness. I must say… this model was actually enjoyable to build and probably took the least amount of time compared to other MGs.

Body Unit


Easy assembly. Nothing fancy but still unique to a Gundam. Hollow body is similar to that of MG Exia’s for its GN Drive… only you store nukes and cows in this case. The center chest  piece (the one that looks like a cross) also comes in white but I prefer the blue instead.

Head Unit


I LOVE how Bandai designed Turn A’s head. Instead of the usual foil sticker, you have the gray “mask” piece that covers the eye piece then the foil sticker backing (which is silver/reflective) behind to make it shine. This is almost like PG stuff minus the LED ^^. Why don’t they continue this tradition? Oh yea, and the V-tusk is sleek and sexy…

Arm Units


Very efficient engineering on the arms. It doesn’t have many parts to it at all but it still allows for vast amount of articulation and motion. And for the first time ever (and probably only time), individual fingers PLUS another set of open palm! I spent more time working out the panel lines than cutting/cleaning/assembling the unit. Nub marks are well hidden :D.

Shoulder Units


Simple looking shoulders… but actually kinda fancy inside. Rotating flaps on the back. Cool?

Waist Unit


More efficient engineering here. Straight to the point. No extra fancy moveable ball-and-socket or other gimmicks. The core fighter just plugs right into the peg.

Feet Unit


Not much to say here really. Kinda self-explanatory ^^;

Leg Unit


Still continuing with the efficient design, the legs also doesn’t have that many parts compared to other MGs but it does have its fair share of fancy sliding parts and connections (the thrusters). The magic of its sexy legs is accredited to its articulated shins o_O



More panel lines than you would really want on a beam saber handle…


The shield looks really nice and smooth. Nothing more to it. I kinda like how the handle can slide up and down.


The weirdest beam rifle ever. There are two ways Turn A can hold it- 1. like a regular beam rifle 2. something like a launcher.


The same Gundam Hammer that is also found in the RX-78-2 OYW and 2.0 ^^. 3 x 9 = 27 nub marks to clean just on the spikes alone orz…

White Doll


Sturdy. Strong. Towering. Those are my first impression of the MG Turn A when just standing there. While the feet might be awkward, it can still stand flat. In fact, the Gundam looks GREAT just standing there… like MGUC stuff :)


Standing proud…


Thanks to its stability and unique design, the Turn A can actually do minute standing postures that other MGs can’t really imitate… and looking cool at it xD. This includes reproducing the moonwalk.


Man… those legs… xD



The panel lines on this model are crazy! They go in every direction! The panel lines on the arms are almost like a maze. There are lines of different width, elevation, and depth @.@. it is only after building this model do I realize just how much more bizarre Turn A’s design is. The upper backside is completely FLAT. The front of the arms look like it should be side instead, and the side of it should be like the back or something. I don’t know but I think the word here is “unconventional” ^^;. I like it actually. The whole Gundam looks like sketch art with all those panel lines.


Empty compartments for storing nukes or cows of your choice. I lost the MG cow somewhere though… thing was tiny >_>;.




Due to its rather long legs, the Turn A’s height is right up there with the Zeta-era Gundams.

No Weapons




Even without weapons, the Turn A looks damn good… like it doesn’t NEED weapons >_>


One of the biggest problems I have with this model (that is not the model’s fault) is it doesn’t work too well with my Hasegawa stand due to its waist design. There was just no space to insert the holder in (no rear skirt armor) and putting it in front can remove the core fighter (which isn’t exactly snug on the waist either). Even so, I refused to use the action base >_>



Best pose to put the Turn A in. ‘Nuff said…


I can accept that Turn A’s head design might not appeal to everyone but there should be no way to argue against the awesomeness that are its legs ^^;


Arms Installation Complete


I kinda prefer it standing without holding anything actually…


No problem holding any of the weapons.


I’d hate to blasted by such a funky looking beam rifle…


A special peg is included to connect the action base to Turn A’s back but it is rather weak (Turn A can actually slide off) and the base is also obstructive to its legs… hence I didn’t bother using it.


Handy carrying mode.


The launcher formation makes the rifle look more like a beam guitar than anything else. ROCK ON!


“All your base are belong to me @#$%^ or I’ll blow your !@#$%^&*%$ing @$$ UP!”

Beam Toothpicks


Seriously… that is some thin beam sabers… >_>


The beam handles can easily slip out of its palm despite the peg holders…



The only noteworthy weapon… that I don’t remember it using in the compilation movies.


One menacing ball+chain…


Turn A Shop

Gundam Hammer looks so awesome with the stand photoshopped out ^^;. Done by Shinra1003.


Another one with added motion effect :D. Looks a lot more realistic doesn’t it? This one done by BD77. My appreciation goes out to the both of you ^^.

I would’ve liked to know how to use photoshop to remove the stand myself (I’m getting there) xD . One thing I absolutely have to praise the Turn A for is that it can stand with its leg widely apart and still hold its place without wobbling. Not many MGs are capable of such limits *coughExiacough*



I’m still left here wondering why Bandai didn’t include the moonlight Butterfly effects part… I would’ve loved to pay an extra $10 for them…



Even if you hate Turn A’s design, I think you find this model to be nothing short of awesome. It is well engineered, solid, well articulated, unobstructed, well balanced and one of a kind. Best of all, it comes with a Master Grade 1/100 cow!… which I sadly lost somewhere ^^; Most of the problems I have are with the waist- the leg pegs connecting to the waist were a bit short and thus, prone to coming off but usually stays on if not twisted too much (the knees want to be facing front). The front skirt (and the whole core fighter for that matter) likes to pop off from time to time (short peg again). That’s really about the only issues I have with this model. Everything else is great. For a MG around $35, I think the Turn A is one of the better choices right up there along with models such as MG Sword Impulse or Strike Noir. The beauty of this Gundam comes from within.


An American Salary Man (Gallery only)

Baby TheEnd’s Gunpla and Toy Review

Random Stuff from the East


“O’ Holy Cow. Please grant me the ability to make my mustache longer and…”

“How about I put that ‘stache on your forehead instead?”

“Whatchu say, bub?”


“You can’t touch this…”








“… If you want to h4x like that then…… Since that didn’t finish you then…”







“Not yet…”

“I can still fight!” “So persistent… well then…”




“NOT YETTT! You can’t stop me! bwahahahaha! SLEGGAR CRASHHH!!!”

“screw it then… I’ll use my Joker…


… … … … … …

“holy cow…”

99 thoughts on “MG Turn A Gundam

  1. Z, want to ask something. how do you panel line the hands?
    using your 0.3 pencils only, or both gray marker and the pencils?

    its so beautiful, and don’t want to put black on mine, :?
    thanks for the tips, :)

  2. Like you I got this model and panel lining it is a headache. I did most of it in pencil as I didnt like ink. Anyhow, I damaged one of the small hinges for the chest and now it keeps falling off.

    Other than that for a lousy design, I am quite confused as to why bandai chose to not use polycaps on this model. Everytime I pose it is a dreadful experience as the joints would creak and produce sickening “plastic” pla pla pla sounds when moving. Sound like I need to oil its joints.

    the shield joint is also another bad design as in the way it is mounted in place. sooner or later this is going to wear out and the shield will most probably be falling off every now and then.

    Only consolation is that this kit looks “different” in its own unique way.

    1. I’ve been told polycaps have been one to wear out pretty fast and aren’t truly the be-all end-all savior of Gunpla… Even if it’s present in all the (1/144-scaled) models I’ve built so far. I guess it comes down to a perspective, and whenever I get this model (and I will), I’ll judge for myself if it would’ve been better or worse for the developers of this 100th MG to have used polycaps. It seems to me a bit closer to uniqueness to have a more pro-polycap/anti-lack-thereof point of view, though. *shrug*

    2. But for a bone to throw, I heard the creeks when rotating the arms and shoulders of my HGUC GP02a (after assembly in 2009). They didn’t bother me, and I don’t think they’d be too indicative of stress put onto the arm (risking breaking it), given that I believe the circumstances for at least one of it’s arms risking breaking apart was beyond my control.
      Maybe not so much for the other (despite having accident after accident with this entire model), so a bone may be thrown towards your point of view after all, but I never thought the arms and shoulders of the HGUC GP02A (MLRS) was built properly by me. *shrug*

    3. The creaking sound is actually correct, because if you watch the anime, you can hear creaking noise whenever the Turn A moves :)

      1. Actually, you hear the mechanics. Maybe somewhat-creaking at the end of a certain sound effect from TAG’s audio library (or whatever library was used for TAG’s sound effects; they were different than the 60s/70s sound effects used ever since the ’79 MSG). Definitely some creaking during something like tension between two MSs grappling or if an MS tries to work and move around but is failing before collapsing.

        Since audio was brought up, I’ll insert my two cents in preferring TAG’s audio (especially when it comes to MS mechanics) over classic Gundam sounds. *gasp* How blasphemous of me to state that!

    4. Elvin, do you also have the annoying problem where the legs keep popping off from the waist? I hated that the most.

      1. I havent had that problem but one of the problems i had was the 2 piece sitting directly behind the knee has absolutely nothing to hold onto and keeps falling off :S :S :S

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