MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Back when there was only the HG 1/100 Wing Gundam models, I’ve always wished for a MG version. Dream came true in 2004 but not as perfect as I’ve thought it would be. I bought this model to replace my aging HG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom Special Operations Type.

The highlight of this model is the angel wings assembly and everything else is easy MG inside-to-outside work. Nothing particularly difficult to take note of. Just assemble and go. This Gundam is particularly slender and small in every dimension, making this a small model overall without the wings. It’s more anorexic than Freedom. The angel wing assembly is nothing hard either; just follow the lines properly and you won’t end up with wrong overlapping or sliding pieces as that is what the entire assembly is based on. It’s a really a great design of engineering. Panel lining the wings is a matter of taste preference in this model. I didn’t do it because I think all the grey lines would make the wings look weird and I wanted the “pure/angelic” look so I left it plain white. A quirk is that the Search Orb on its chest is a foil sticker instead of a gem like the HG model and it looks a bit cheap with the clear plastic in front of it.

As for the completed model itself, you will probably want to put more effort into cleaning off the spots that were connected to the runners because they are an eye-sore in plain sight (you can even see them in the pictures). As expected, it’s also a back-heavy model but the wings will be able to support it so its okay. The model can pose elegantly but nothing drastic. The way the legs are designed and styled seems like it’s better suited for “feminine” poses (which I find true). As with the HG model, the MG also retains a long neck but slightly less noticeable. The whole model has this “pulled back” look which I like since it adds to the effect of the action pose. The wings are beautiful. While the HG counterpart needs additional pieces to “expand” the rear wings, the MG model actually have all the parts slide inside the outer parts and stays hidden while the front/side wings are now able to expan itself in three different segments. The rubber feathers definitely add to the “angel wing” feel when its resting on the floor. I like the base it comes with because it’s simple, space saving, and gets the job done. I’m not fond of the big rectangular ones that comes with the Zeta 2.0 and co. The infamous Twin Buster Rifle shot from Endless Waltz can be replicated with ease thanks to the shoulders being able to prop forward. I have a feeling that this model was designed for only that particular pose in mind hence it’s well executed but thing looks a little awkward doing anything else.

Quirks quirks quirks… the most annoying is the fact that the faceplate can move! I’ve never seen that on any models before. The faceplate is actually a little loose and can move a little to either side but I would say this is only a very minor issue. The machine cannon raises the head along with it… Yea. The rubber feathers doesn’t stay in their socket very snugly; they can fall off if you slightly brush against them. It’s very annoying when that happens and I’m trying to pose it. I heard from others complaining about the hands/fingers being weak on their model but mine is stiff and holds the Twin Buster Rifle just fine ^_^. The wings, depending on how extreme you position them, can sometimes sag down due to its weight. A quirk about the TBR is that the gap between the two rifle is very wide… wider than I would’ve like (see picture). The rifles aren’t bended either but rather it’s just thicker from the rear and thinner as it goes up to the tip of the barrel.

An elegant model overall and does the WZC justice in looks and poseability. There’s not much fun in putting it in different poses though.

Also put up comparison pictures of the HG 1/100 WZC with the MG WZC.



114 thoughts on “MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom

    1. I have this kit as well so I can answer this…

      No it does not… Which is really terrible. I, for one, just can’t get my WZC to hold its TBR at all. I’ve had to put it in the “angelic premier” pose (which isn’t bad, but it limits the model in various ways). I’m sure you could get it if you just play with it enough, though.

      1. Thanks A-Coya for your answer. Too bad bandai does not make it. But i still want to get it :). With just the angelic pose it’s already awesome.

      2. I found it loose to hold the weapons, so I used the alternate hands it gives you (am i the only one who got it?) those black hands are very steady and hold well

  1. Hey, Z, mind if I ask, but did you ever attach the decal on its left leg? I’m building mine right now, and I have no idea how to do the decal on the left leg (and behind the right leg)… is there a measurement I’m supposed to use to cut the decals apart? They look like they’re just one decal…

    1. Are you talking about that long black band of text? I didn’t apply that decal because I think it looks awkward on the model.

  2. Hi,

    Was just wondering if anyone figured out what the purpose of parts E5/E6 is? It’s the sliding mechanism behind the thigh of the legs….I was just wondering if anyone found any use for them?


  3. Dear friends,
    I have got a problem to ask for your help !!! (about the instruction for placing decal on WING Zero Custom)
    I have 1/100 MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom produced by GHD ( one of chiness Gunpla brand as you known ) but unfortunately, no decal for this item ( I don’t know this before !!!) and there is no instruction for placing the decal inside its construction manual too !!!
    Anyway, finally I have ordered the water decal for the model separately from a vendor.
    But , well , I still have no instruction for placing the decal.
    I found the instruction in (the well-known Gunpla website) but the resolution of the scaned page was not so clear too !!! (even I try using higher resolution printer) .
    So, could any one see this comment please kindly give me a high resolution scaned file of this page to me or post it on this page for me ?? (my e-mail : )
    This would be very very kind of you for me !!!

  4. Epic! I only got complaints about the Wing unit, it tends to loosen at some point, and some of the rubber feathers often gets disjointed from the main wing, so better be careful in moving it around or else you might loose some parts. The Katoki version is much cooler in my opinion, though I haven’t actually assembled both my Ver. Ka and the EW re-release kits, but I’ll do that once I get the time

  5. I’ve got a question,
    are those fingers the different ones you have to switch or are they the three finger,trigger finger split?

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