SD Strike Noir Gundam

This is a fun little kit. It should take no longer than 1.5 hours (well, I took about three because I’m slow and like to clean off every pieces xD) to finish building and be ready to play around with. Even though it is one of the newer SD kits, I find its articulation a bit restrictive by design; you can’t extend its legs too far and its feet can’t bend much. Nonetheless, this model comes with more beam rifles than it could carry and store and then some for some diverse range of poses ^_^

It’s not as fun as its MG counterpart but it’ll provide decent hours of fooling around and it compliments the SD Stargazer Gundam so you can remake their fight scene in SD glory.

I built this Gundam back in Christmas 2007 or so and I didn’t took any pictures of it then so that’s why there’s no “parts/progession” photos but I took new photos just for this review!

9 thoughts on “SD Strike Noir Gundam

  1. :O
    it took you that long to build it? It took me 20 minutes to build my SD Duel, including the cleaning! (Well, I guess this one is a bit more complicated)And does it come with beams for the swords?

  2. well i tried gundamstoreandmore, there all sold out, but hobbywave and ebay i havent tried yet……

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