BEST Fix EVER, Bandai!


I’m not kidding. After one of you told me that the Mk-II AEUG Ver. doesn’t have a rotating waist, I was far from enthusiastic about working on this model. I went to check out other modelers’ MK-II AEUG Ver. to confirm…and yup, it is unfortunately so. I was even bent on chewing it and Bandai out for it in the review. When I got to the waist unit, I just snipped off all the parts without looking at the manual because it was the last step. At first, I was a bit baffled at why the fitment of parts doesn’t make sense compared to the manual then I noticed Bandai missed a step where the two upper waist pieces connect to the bottom…


I thought it was silly of Bandai to left out some instructions but then after another look at parts again, it finally hit me…


MY MG GUNDAM MK-II 2.0 AEUG VER. ACTUALLY HAS A ROTATING WAIST!!! My parts are different than those in the manual and so I went to check on Dalong’s MK-II AEUG parts runner…


And you can see that Dalong’s MK-II has the upper waist connected (which prevents the rotation) while mine are separated.


YESSS!! THANK YOU BANDAI!!! hahah now I actually like this model XD. I don’t know nor do I care if this was a manufacturing/packaging mistake or if Bandai decided to update all future AEUG MK-II 2.0 runner F’s after the Titan’s release because this is GREAT! So now… for all I know, this could possibly be a MG Gundam MK-II 2.0 Titans Ver. AEUG Ver. >____>. Now if only Bandai will make the same mistake with the 1/100 00-Raiser…

*ahem* now that I’m done with the model… it is time to start the photoshoot and its review is just right around the corner…

48 thoughts on “BEST Fix EVER, Bandai!

  1. Looking @ Dalong’s review for the AEUG Mk. II HD Ver. 2.0, it does have a rotating waist, meaning that I just got a new Gunpla to pine over.

  2. Oh, and I checked my Mk. II AEUG manual and it does give instructions for the movable waist… strange. How many different versions are there again?

  3. That’s great. Weird that they didn’t change the instructions on it. Maybe it was a last minute change?

  4. I’ll clarify for anyone that was confused.

    When the AEUG MK II 2.0 was originally released, the structure of the waist assembly was molded in one piece. When the Titans version was announced, one of the gimmicks revealed was that it would have a rotating waist assembly along with new technical data. The technical data between both the AEUG and Titans versions were to complement each other, which is why the AEUG release has details about the legs, while the Titans release has information about the panoramic cockpit.

    Given that it’s the exact same mobile suit in different colors, Bandai retroactively updated the AEUG version’s runners to match the Titans release. It doesn’t seem like they were able to update the instructions however, since that would upset the layout of all the pictures in the AEUG manual.

    Theoretically, all Gundam MK II 2.0 releases now have the exact same set of runners, unless there’s a 1st edition AEUG sitting somewhere in a warehouse.

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