The Ultimate! God Hand Nippers

GodHand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 – This is arguably THE nerdiest name for a tool I’ve ever come across, especially with the “5.0” at the end. I like how it even advertise its sharpness level at 5. Apparently this is a hand-sharpened nipper made in small batches hence limited supply and every store that sells it only allows 1 per customer. I just happened to run across it while in Japan last November and saw the godly price tag of I think about 3000 yen and the packaging just made me laugh so I had to try it out. Hell why not. Stuff like this usually have its merits.


At the same time, I also picked up another Tamiya side cutter. My usual go-to brand of cutters. Turns out I have like 5 of these now.


A cover for your God Hand Ultimate Nippers 5.0.


Comparison of the two. The GodHand is the shortest as well as the thinnest of all the nippers. It is also the lightest too.


Here it is side by side by side with the other Tamiya cutters.  I don’t think I understand what is the difference between the two Tamiya cutters though- they are both called Sharp-pointed side cutter.


Yea sure, the left one might have a slightly longer tip but both work about the same. If anyone knows the specific purpose for the difference, please kindly educate me ^^;.


Back to the GodHand… the edges are different from each other. Upon a little research, it seems that this nipper is revered for its godliness of cutting nubs clean off the gates, flush cut, saving time, and impressing girls. Time will if the nipper will live up to the last one.

I’ve actually used this nipper with the HG Panda’gguy and the HG Destiny so far. This thing SLICES the plastic. Not pinch. Not crush. Slice. Shear. You wouldn’t realize the difference until you try, feel, and see it in person. The best indicator is the relative lack of stress marks left behind almost as if I’ve already used a knife to shave off the nub. However, I still feel better going over the spot with my actual knife just out of habit and to make the nub is clean. At the very least, I know there won’t be any “craters” if I cut off the nub with this cutter flush against the part. So I am not saving all that much time but at least I can do a cleaner job.

Sorry for not having as pictures of cut plastic – My camera couldn’t get close enough to make out the results clearly.


Now is it worth it? I’d say it is worth it to have in your arsenal for sensitive parts like V-fins, and outer surface parts where you don’t want to risk nub marks on. It is also good for darker color parts where the stress mark comes out white and this doesn’t leave much or any. I wouldn’t replace all my nippers with this though since I am not sure about its durability or longevity. As far as Gunpla goes, I am only using this nipper on surface armor parts and Tamiya side cutters for everything else.

I’ll update on this cutter later after some more extensive usage.

Super Robot Wars V Trailer 2

It’s been so long since I’ve played any SRW games. My last game was SRW Z2.2 Saisei-hen and that was an awesome chapter. Since then, I’ve been sort of out of the loop. It’s amazing how far this series have progressed since the days of still images sliding around on screen with squiggly lines for effects. Now you have rotating backgrounds, cutscenes, real official BGM, and animation that could put some anime to shame (watch Space Battleship Yamato’s part in the trailer!).

Super Robot Wars V(oyage) is the latest series due next month, bringing in many new robot series but also a few that were just in the last big title (SRWZ3) like Gundam UC, SEED Destiny, Gundam 00, Zeta Gundam and a few others. In a way, this sort of looks and feels like an extension of Z. Even with V in its title, there is no V Gundam, Voltes V or Combattler V. I don’t think I have seen those guys since the Alpha series.

But it’s nice to finally see non-anime Gundam series finally being included!


Okay, ZZ is an anime but still good to see it back after a long disappearance too. Judau doing his best impression of Dankuukougaken.


Nobody likes Hathaway in Char’s Counterattack. I’m not even sure I will like him in his own series either but the Xi Gundam is way cool. Sucks what happened to him though.


Missing since Alpha 2, it’s great to see Crossbone Gundam in SRW again! Who doesn’t like UC pirate-themed Gundams that are melee-oriented? Muramasa Blaster anyone? C’mon Sunrise, give us an anime adaption already.


Though not a Gundam, I was hoping to see GaoGaiGar return to SRW but this Might Gaine looks good. Never seen the anime though.

SRW games are now easier to play and enjoy than ever thanks to the Asia version having ENGLISH SUBTITLES in the gameplay now. That is like a dream come true for fans outside of Japan who can’t read Japanese. Might have to pick this up if it looks more promising.

Anyone else still play SRW?




Re-Review: MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. My computer crapped out on me but I’ve finally fixed it. The ice from the snow storm hasn’t thawed yet and the temp is still below freezing outside so I am unable to finish any models. However! I did have the time to reshoot and did a revival review (re-review) of an old kit that I’ve built some 8 years or so ago. It’s about time that I gave it a proper updated photoshoot.

Check it out – MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

I want to do more of these re-reviews in the future, alternating between them and new models. This way I can eventually update all the older Gundam model galleries with better photos in line with my current format and thus, have better reviews of them.

Revival: MG Wing Gundam Zero Custom

Since it is frozen outside, I won’t be able to complete my HG Destiny Gundam. So instead of sitting around, I’ll just hop on over to my next project. I know I have a HG Kshatriya review pending as well but that model also have to wait for better weather so I can topcoat it. This project, however, can be started on for the time being.

I’ve been meaning to do this for years now. Starting with the MG Wing Zero Customer, this will the first of a few “Revival” projects that I will be taking on between new regular projects. As the title implies, I will go back to some of my older models that I didn’t do all that great (read: terrible) of a job on and breathe some fresh life into them for a re-review (revival review). Just look at miserable this model is! glaring nub marks, no panel lining, feathers in the wrong spot, foil stickers…. oh yea, I should definitely fix it up.


So I have taken the model apart, give it a good wipe down to remove years of dust, and now in the process of cleaning up all the nub marks with my modeler’s knife. It won’t be perfect as if I freshly built it but hopefully, it will still be a huge improvement. After all that is all finished, I’ll finally apply the marking stickers (decals long gone). I didn’t use these markings back then because I was still a newbie and too scared to apply them ^^;.

Those nubs though… Anyway, I’m sure I’ll break some pieces in the process but the end result hopefully won’t be worse than before. I am also removing all the green foil stickers and painting those areas instead. Basically, bringing the model up to date with how I currently do things.


Back in the old days, some Gundam models only have inner frames for the legs and polycaps for most of the joints.


The hardest part but probably the one that makes the biggest difference are the wings. This part is one tricky business since panel lining can ruin the “angelic” aesthetic effect of the wings so I have to be careful how I ink the lines. I sort of have an idea, a panel line style and technique of sorts, that I think would work well highlighting the wings’ details. Still working on it now so will have to see if it turns out well at the end.

Although I am working on this now, I’ll probably do the review after HG Destiny and Kshatriya.

WISP 02: HG Destiny Gundam

The straight build is 100% complete, weapons included. However, after looking at the finished product, I am pondering if I should take the few extra steps to do some paint detailing on it.p1180987

Like the thrusters on the legs. I can’t believe it came in white! So wondering if it is worth the trouble to hit it with some gray.p1180986

And here we have some very monotone weapons. Some color correction would really help it out here a bit. I am usually apprehensive about painting for color correction than little details because of the time and patience it takes. I don’t have the skills ^^;p1180988

Despite the huge amount of foil stickers (common for its time), the design is decent and the proportions are sharp. More anime-accurate than the stylized MG and RG models if that is your preference.

Well, if I am going to do some painting and topcoating then it will have to wait. Portland is currently experiencing a late/super early white Christmas with record snowfall so I can’t work outside.

Maybe I’ll build or do something else for the meantime…

Glion Museum, Osaka, Japan

I’ve actually went to Japan twice now. Those who remembered, I left back in 2012 to study abroad. My latest trip, a 1-month vacation, was just last November. It was just as much for nostalgia as it was for me to confirm whether I was seeing the country with rose-colored glasses the first time around or if Japan really is as great as I thought it was – part of my whole soul searching. For now though, let’s take a tour of the Glion Museum.

But first… do you like cars? Driving cars? What kind? What do you see them as?

I love cars. It’s the same feelings I have for Gundam or mecha. In a sense, a car is very much a “mecha” for me and I think of it as such, even if it is not quite “Gundam”. I think of driving as “piloting” ^^;. I figured it’s pretty natural that if you like mechs, then you probably has some certain interest to cars as well, even if it is only minor such as appreciating their aesthetics. Both are machines after all.

Glion Museum is a vintage car museum with a matching atmosphere. They even have a showroom where the affluent can purchase some very awesome historical machinery. The line of GT-R in the room are all for sale if you got the dough.

Man… they just don’t make cars this gorgeous anymore.

S800… ancestor to the Honda S2000. I would so drive the hell out of this! It’s practically a motorcycle (chain driven and revs to 9000 RPM!) with a roadster body.

In a room full of vintages, this Lancer Evo was certainly out of place and time period.

And more GT-Rs. Oh yea… Japan. Very few things make me feel like I am finally in Japan than seeing pristine examples of the R32-R34.

I’m not even gonna pretend like I know what any of these cars are so I’ll just let you enjoy the photos ^^;.

This is one classy museum. The buildings are actually several giant red brick warehouses and each one plays a different kind of either classical music, or jazz as you browse around.


Datsun Fairlady Z, otherwise known as the 240Z, otherwise known as the ancestor to the current day’s 350Z and 370Z. We were here from day and into the night. So much to see!

… So I’ve just realized that I have way too many photos here so I should probably just pick the best ones I took. Do you recognize any of these legendary vehicles?

Toyota 2000GT. I don’t think Toyota has made such a passionate car since the Supra Mk IV.

The 1970’s Skyline GT-R “Kenmeri” (Ken & Mary) and the Mazda Cosmo, the first Wankel engine Mazda.

There is just so much history in this museum and you get to see and feel in person just how different the times were back then. The innovations, the styles, the designs… many out of necessity and passion to give us what we have today. I probably won’t ever get the chance to drive almost any of these cars in my life for the full experience but I can live with the fact that at least I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

Kamen Rider Stuff

This was the fate of all my SH Figuarts Kamen Rider figures. I had to clean my room before I moved to Japan but I was running out of time so I just threw them all in a cardboard box. Finally took them out of the closet today. Man… that’s a lot of money I’ve spent on Kamen Rider figures in like… one year’s worth of time.


And I still have these guys that I haven’t reviewed either! I just dug them out from the corner of my room to give it a good dusting with a swiffer. I don’t even remember where I got the Kuuga from ^^;. Does any of you still watch Kamen Rider? I’ve given up on following it after OOO. I’m sure the stories are still great and interesting but the suit themes are just so terrible starting with Fourze. What I mean is their equipment and suits ARE straight up toys that look too ridiculous for my suspension of disbelief to handle.  I know the franchise is practically one big toy commercial aimed at kids, and it works, but the show used to be more passive about that stuff, the tone was more serious if not just darker, the main protagonist wasn’t a goody-do-gooder or a let’s-all-be-friends! type guy. How did we went from Kuuga to Kabuto to Fourze to… what in the world of Freakazoid is Kamen Rider Ex-Aid?! I really must be getting too old for this stuff.


Never got a chance to review my acquired SIC figures too. Think I’ll just leave them this way. Probably not going to review the other SHF either unless the KR bug bites me. Speaking of which, there hasn’t been a new MG Kamen Rider since OOO huh?


Last but not least, I’ve also acquired a SH Figuarts Vegeta once upon a time. I’m really bad at reviewing human figures (with facial expressions) but maybe I’ll give this a go later on.

Still focusing on Gunpla at the moment :)