Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs.

Honestly, I have never played any of the “Gundam Vs.” games before. Like the SEED ZAFT vs. EF, Gundam Vs. Gundam NEXT, and the likes so at this point, this game looks the same like all the rest. Part of the reason for me avoiding these Gundam games is that I still have the mentality that Bandai is terrible at making games that has more substance than just solely for “fan appeal purposes”. Granted that mentality of mine is almost a decade old now so it’s time I finally give Bandai another chance and pick up this game when it comes out. At first, I was all moaning and groaning about the price after exchange rate and shipping (~$100)… then it hit me that my friend is going back to Japan for vacation this winter break so I’ll just ask him to pick me up a copy before he comes back ^^;. This way I don’t have to pay shipping and probably get a more favorable exchange rate with him than with the economy. Haha sweet. The downside is that school will be starting soon by the time he gets back >_>. Oh well.

Astray Red Frame w/ 150 m Gerbera Straight sold me on this game!

“tis a very good year for Fighting Gamers…


23 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs.

  1. Yeah the price tag is pretty big on this one, but I think it’ll be worth it. I’m gonna have to import it so I’ll prob pay around $110(w/shipping included) but I don’t care. I’ve played both GvG and GvGN+ and both were fantastic, so I’m really looking forward to this. Downside is I’m not gonna be able to pick up a few kits if I want this game TTnTT

  2. Quote:
    “Astray Red Frame w/ 150 m Gerbera Straight sold me on this game!

    ’tis a very good year for Fighting Gamers…”

    Damn, so it was all about that behemoth of a katana, eh? And just when I am desperately dreaming for my own PS3… XD

  3. Hmm but this is not really like a fighting game though… but you are gonna love it anyways :)
    What about Dynasty Warriors Gundam that came out awhile ago? It’s really fun too, and Master Asia is a badass of a badass in all his games xD

  4. I’ve played a lot of vs games starting from fed vs zeon dx (the english one) to next plus and I say that the gameplay is really good (no lags, awesome combos). As for me, I still have no idea on how to snag this game since it will be too expensive as hell. As the previews shown, the gameplay is a step up to next plus plus with hd graphics? Sweet.

  5. I was going to eventually comment on your last entry and start with a passive joking comment or something referencing GEV before expanding on my gaming priorities and taste in fighters. Well, first and foremost, I’m glad you’re getting it, Z. It may be for something so small in comparison to the larger aspects (and I can appreciate that, since I’m being pulled in by similar means), but I’m glad nonetheless. It will be worth it, as will playing most any Gundam Vs. game. Very fast-paced arcade game like the Virtual On series, but with even more simplified controls. And given the possibility of online gameplay, I’m currently imagining you trying to swing the Gerbera Straight at me as I avoid, you yelling at the TV (or into a headset), and me saying (or thinking), “How dare you refer to Queen Diana’s ‘ass’ so casually…” and then go charging with the Heat Fan. :)

    After pre-ordering RD Wing, and needing a PS3 for the game, I have no problem with expense. After watching the PV here, I do have one possible problem already; will it be possible to play online at all as someone living outside of the intended country this game is marketed towards? I think I faintly remembered videos from English-speaking players for Operation Troy (XB360) and Gundam 0081 (PS3) online multiplayer, but those are different games. Will the development team add barriers to barr off anyone outside of Japan? Or am I thinking of a way to worry and moan? *sigh*

    Because even if I can’t play GEV online, there’s still so much to do as indicated by the recent PVs; like with GvGN+ two years ago, already new units, stages, and bosses (such as the Zakrello, the Apsalus, Destroy Gundam, and more) are being added. If offline playability included using or going against bosses in custom skirmishes, that’d be even better. How about when I play Deathscythe Hell in a match, instead of Two Mix’s “Last Impression” for the umpteenth time (*sigh*), I play (for example) “Mischievous of Alice” by Yosei Teikoku, or one of the BGMs from VGs I past played? It’s great that I can do that, now.

    Maybe I should just get ready to pre-order the game somewhere (I’ve seen a list of places that have it running just below three figures in US currency) and just sit and wait as I am for RD Wing… Or make my own post, repeat with even more text and finish my newest Gunpla review (for a change)…? *shrug*

    1. I’ve played MvC3 against someone from Japan at my friend’s house before (granted it was on the 360) so I don’t see why there would be any barriers. Then again, Bandai can do silly things sometimes…

      Since downgrading to save a few bucks, my cable internet has been just… pathetic. At this rate, playing online seems to be out of the question. More than that, I actually have no intention of playing online for any of the games I intend to get despite being their huge selling points @.@ Well, maybe I can an exception and let you beat the crap out of me for a few games for insulting Diana’s ass.

    1. One of the best Gundam games… that’s actually not saying very much to me considering my general feeling toward Bandai games ^^;. Now.. if it was one of the best games for its type/category…

      Considered me spoiled by Zone of the Enders ^^;

  6. Many Gundam games are known to be rather mediocre, but there are a few gems out there, such as Zeonic Front, the VS series (especially SEED & after), or the Senki (Battlefield Record) ones. I personally quite like the 0079 Sensen on the Wii as well.

    I somehow had a funny feeling that the 150 Gerbera Straight would have hit you pretty badly there XD I have a funny feeling that there will be an immediate sequel for this game, just like AEUG vs Titans –> Gundam Vs Zeta Gundam, SEED –> SEED Destiny, Gundam Vs Gundam –> Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT. This is likely to be the case too, but I will still get this nonetheless. Price sure is a bit steep though, and is more expensive than any other PS3 games that I have bought so far…

    1. So it’s not just me thinking that some of the games are mediocre but you’re right… the ones that do shine, get unanimous praises all over like Zeonic Front and Rise from the Ashes.

      The idea of me at the control of the 150m GS instead personally instead of controlling via commands (SRW) got me all too giddy up haha.

      Wait wait… you mean this game is NOT already a sequel to a previous Vs. title? All the names sound so similar that it is rather confusing actually… like, I thought this was a sequel to Gundam vs. Gundam Next or Next+ (or whatever that game is for the PSP) hence, the “Extreme”. So there’s going to be a Gundam Vs. Extreme NEXT Plus…yea, i can totally see that too now…

  7. *drool* Must have it…must have it…I played Next and Loved it…this game is looking to be infinitely better…as long as Double X isn’t as Broken as he was in Next, I’m good…I plan on maining the GP02, as I always do in Next…that or the Strike (Blame the IWSP).

    …I pray that the nerf the Hildolfr by the console release, because that unit is rediculously overpowered…sure it’s made of glass, but it has INFINITE BOOST…Good luck being able to hit something that has the ability to never stop dashing….

  8. i’m a very picky gamer, and i approve of this.
    to give you an example of how picky i am, here are some of my opinions on certain games

    i’ll use some action games for example

    i tried the demo of god of war III and thought it was terrible. attacks were slow, and you must pose for a split second before doing the next motion. the double jump is stupid, it’s a boost of upward velocity, meaning if were near the bottom of your drop, the second jump would only slow down your fall. you can spam up to 4 jumps in the air, but you will just fall slower. only good timing lets you jump higher. bottom line(IMO, despite all the praise it gets): it’s sluggish, unresponsive, crude, and heavy.

    bayonetta is one of the best games i have ever played. highly responsive controls with fliud movements and attacks. easy to learn and intuitive combos. movements feel light but attacks feel heavy. it has the best defence system i have ever experienced. this game uses dodging rather than blocking. dodging is quick and short, but makes you invincible, if you know what you are doing, you can play the entire game without taking any damage. that said, the game is insanely hard if you put it on harder difficulties. it all comes down to the player’s reflexes without any timing limitations a game usually imposes on you. this game is a stylish extension of your body(although somewhat sexually provocative/annoying at times)

    in simpler terms, i’ll use mario

    super mario wii is the result of mario bound by the limitations of physics. it’s plain frustrating. lack of ground friction when running, inertia inhibits stopping, wall friction reduces jump height, slow jumps, bland looking 3D style and simplified stage designs that lack secret routes make it completely unfun for a gamer that has seen far better from the series.

    super mario world was the best. runs like the wind, jumps like spring, and flies like a bird. if you died, you only had your timing and reflexes to blame. there was also tons of pretty art and secret paths to explore

    i have gone a bit overboard with it…

    GVE is easy to play, but hard to master. it may not be the smoothest (IMO) because of how you stop when you shoot at weird angles, or how there is limited boost(all for game balance =D), but other than that, the game is pretty responsive. although shooting is is just mostly the same for all the MS, i think the heart of the game is in the melee. the moves are unique on each ms. they home on the enemy, while pressing different directions give you different moves. moves can be continued in a combo. the goal is to use a combo, or bits of different combos and gunshots to juggle and deal as much damage as you can before the other guy goes into his knockdown invincibiity for a few seconds. it’s not about landing hits when there is an openning, like fighting games. it’s about maximizing damage once you do hit. that leads the the true nature of the game. the game is really all about forcing the opponent to evade you with his boost, and then striking when he runs out. the game is all that and avoiding attacks from the other guy on the enemy team when your partner fails to occupy his attention.

    it’s very intense once you get used to it, yet simple enough that anyone can join in and just hop around shooting. it’s a great party game for anyone that enjoys a bit of competition with their buddies =D

    p.s. its a shame this game doesnt feature the worst of grunts. i got into this starting with zaft vs federation. i remember mastering the missile ginn. it was hilarious and fun, firing missiles at odd and unexpected moments that turn out to make them undodgable rofl.

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