RX-78-2 Gundam

I’ve just finished assembling this model (still need to topcoat) and came away pretty impressed with the overall details on it despite its small size. Heck, it has more details and panel lines than many of the MGs you see coming out today! My hand was actually aching a bit from holding the tiny parts as I try to clean the nubs and panel line them. Oh man are the parts tiny! Still, it’s an awesome model. At first impression, I thought the model would be pretty fragile but I think it feels very solid so far.

It might be an RX-78-2, but this model looks better than the rest I’d say. I’m not gonna talk too much now; I’ll save the rest for the actual review which should be out in a few days so look forward to it. No joke; this is for real. Real Gundam. Real model. Real details. Real awesome. Real… hmm…

17 thoughts on “RX-78-2 Gundam

    1. They don’t look congruent at all…
      Of coarse they look similar (both are RX-78-2), but they don’t look anything alike other than that.

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