27 thoughts on “Astray Red Frame WISP 2: Missing Head…

  1. :O you should find other gundam heads that fit onto this model, I’ve always wanted to try that… but I only have 2 gundams.. :[

  2. you should find other gundam heads that will fit onto this, that’d be cool, I’ve wanted to do this for some time but I sadly have 2 gundams so it won’t really work out.

      1. It makes sense since they have the same structure and inner-frame, so if the MG blue’s didn’t fit it would be like stupid xDD And this missing head, is because it didn’t came with the package or because you are building it? <.<
        It worries me, because this model is my favourite and I want to buy it so I want it in perfect state xD

    1. The shoulders really arn’t as big as they appear. Their squareness is what makes them look so big.

    1. I don’t think so, only because the V-fin in the MG is way bigger, and it stays better in the model itself. The No grade’s V-fin is actually smaller and “fat”, so makes the head weird. That’s why I live the V-fin’s of the MG Blue and Red, because they are more loyal to the manga and to the model.

  3. 1/100 NG Red Frame? For Sure you can find it at amazon or eBay LOL… xD I do shop for rare items from ebay provided the price are not too overpriced, slightly is quite find.

  4. Aside from the slightly bigger V-fin, you can’t tell that it’s a normal 1/100’s head. That’s what I think. ^^

  5. Z, I’ve got an Astray Frame (Blue) lined up although don’t really know where to start when it comes to painting the fingers. any pointers such as leave it on the runner? Gundam marker, brush, masking or toothpick? that kind of stuff. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    1. cut it out of the runner, and paint with a gundam marker… unless you really are that good with a brush to make it flush and clean.

  6. I have to agree with you on this in that for both Red and Blue Frame, the 1/100 head definitely look much better than their MG counterparts. Just put in some details and BOOYAH, best representations for both MSs! I was sceptical about 1/100 Blue Frame’s looooooooong antennas, but it really grew on me after buying it.

  7. Why is it that when i start a new model you get or start building the same one and completely blow mine away lol

  8. I have the mg blue frame i wanna get red frame and do some parts changes for a custom color scheme

  9. I am working on this one right now myself and like it so far but I still like the Blue Frame MG waaaaay more.
    and i am sorry but the pose with the blades above the head going horizontal just look’s like something anyone would do without being shown how to.
    it just looks dumb too but that’s just my opinion.

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