28 thoughts on “Astray Red Frame WISP 1

      1. Z, regarding the fingers, did you painted them with white gundam marker or tamiya paint? My white gundam marker does not seem to work well on dark colored surface.

        1. The right side is done with Tamiya while the left is done with Gundam marker… just to see the difference. You’ll be a lot happier with the marker result this time around… just paint more layers. It takes longer but the result is sooo much cleaner and scratch resistant than the tamiya paint. I am thinking about stripping the right hand side and repaint it with the marker… if I care enough.

      2. I seriously suggest you to lurk moar and try to find it, because with it, this Red Frame is absolutely amazing. It’s just that the TA looks… off at the back of this Gundam.
        Perhaps you could try using the one of your 1/100 Gundam Astray Gold Frame then =p.

        1. Yea… planning to do another look-around before I really give up on it. and yes I supposed I can jack it from the gold frame but…. the gold is soooo out of place xD

        1. Naw, it should come with both, so you can choose between ARF Kai or normal version.

          Or just do a separate release with the old backpack for cheaper. :D
          (Bandai…you know you want to milk this kit…c’monnnn)

  1. Must be a breeze buildin’ this, eh, Z? After all you did build the Blue Frame already…

    Is this model actually worth buying? (The boxart doesn’t seem too nice to me, so I dunno…)

    1. Oh yes, it is. I would even dare to say that so far, the MG Astrays are the best Gundam kits out there, thanks to their engineering, flexibility and shitload of weapons (the Red Frame gets a bonus if you own the old 1/100 version as you can attach that beam saber backpack and give it the beam rifle and shield).
      That’s why I consider the MG Red Frame the most awesome model I’ve built so far.

  2. This post would have been thousands of times more awsome if it was just the polycap. I thought it was a first. Imagine my dissapointment, when upon opening the window, you had lied your own joke. Disgraceful :P

      1. Zeta 2.0? I built that kit & the Red Frame, both awesome kits, didn’t have too hard of a time with them, maybe more with Red frame though.

  3. I wanna get the red frame but it will all be deja vu again. It gorgeous and all but for some bling bling katannas and another tactical arms. It feels that its just the blue frame in red. :P if they will milk this kit again and turn into a Green frame or gold. That might be more considerable. Well.. to me though.

    Can’t wait for your review z!

    1. It really is just the blue frame in red…. all the parts are the same so far but just slightly different shape in some bits…

  4. ZEEEEEEEEE! Do you think it’s possible to mod the katanas so both of them are on one side? Like you know the PG Astray style? That looks like wayyyyy cooler.

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