MG W FangJoker, Skull and Accel

Was gonna lump this with the Gunpla Chat post but… this is not exactly “Gundam model” even if it is of the MG level ^^;. Haha.. even before I got into Kamen Rider or know what W is, I sorta called it on the MG FangJoker in this post. Again, waiting has paid off. It’s not so much that I don’t like CycloneJoker but I find it boring to be building the same model over and over again; FangJoker is basically the CycloneJoker model with spikes and half a different color scheme… and by extension, so is Skull. Still, I think I’ll be picking both of them up along with MG ReZEL Commander, DSH, and some other stuff. I WANTS THAT MG FEDORA! I am really not feeling those hands though… they look really unnatural! For “human” models, I think it’s better with it comes with fixed/set hands like its Figuarts counterpart than those..uh… mecha hands. Also, they look like they have some really thick thighs o_O

And with the addition of Accel, the whole basic W Rider line-up is complete (minus EXTREMEEEEEEE!! and TRIAL!)… and Bandai did all that with just ONE frame! Accel seems to be the only rider that differentiates itself from the other… but it’s also the most expensive thanks to its Bike gimmick ^^;. Being 1/8 scale, these models are HUGE! 240 mm = ~9.5″ so it’s almost the height of a PG! Originally I thought they would be scaled accordingly to match a MG Gundam but guess not o_o.

Haha… another example of “real men ride each other”… xD

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20 thoughts on “MG W FangJoker, Skull and Accel

  1. I’ve avoided getting the Kamen Rider W MGs so far despite my love for W – mainly because I’m not really happy with the proportions (the legs seem a liiiiiiittle too short), and the hands and feet are too small. And I agree about the hands looking unnatural – the individually articulated fingers should be a fixed mold instead. I’d rather have had several pairs of hands with all of W’s signature poses.

    And I didn’t like the special coated parts that came with the kits because Bandai didn’t seem to use undergates this time around – there are visible nub marks in various places on the Cyclone Joker kit.

    Seeing Accel and Skull now, I might be persuaded to pick them up.

    1. It seems like Bandai has trouble getting proportions on riders just right; the SHF are a tad skinny (like the suit is the actual body) and the MG are a bit bulkier than they really are. The only people who got them accurately done are RAH and Medicom… but their figures are north of $100 haha.

  2. Definately getting Skull and Accel. That Fedora would look great on a PG Red Frame! I could make the Red Skull!
    I personally thought they were huge myself, but I can say that I wouldn’t mind getting the whole lineup after I built the CycloneJoker…Because I took it apart not soon after, and bought the LunaTrigger. Right now I’m spending alot of time thinking up of different ways to make it easier for the kits to convert into other modes without having to take everything apart. So far nothing’s come up.

  3. Hmmm for Fang Joker, I have my eyes set on its SH figuarts version, the proportion on its MG version is a little weird to me, and this MG accel is a pass for me as well cuz I have the figuarts version.

  4. Will get Skull and Fang, has Cyclone, proportions isn’t THAT bad in person, very playable. One downside of the MGF series is that the build is all too simple. It’s like building the body of MG IJ or other seed series without the putting armour on. You don’t get a kick out of building it. And I finished my Cyclone in like 2 and a half hours. Damn I want the full joker and the Metal Tiger..

  5. lol W on Accel just looks wrong XD

    Will they be making more Riders from different series? these MG are growing o me after seeing more reviews, im considering getting Cyclone Joker down the road.

    1. I hope we can see more (different) Riders getting the MG Treatment… but we probably won’t until Bandai pumps out a few more W frame clones like EXTREMEEEEE, CycloneAccel, the gold EXTREMEEEE, and Eternal… you know, to get the frame for all its worth.

  6. i wouldnt sae the proportions are out of place since its quite lyk how the riders from the show [their suits] unless its referring to the ‘awesome’ skeleton hands or the short abdomen.. and if ur wondering why the thighs are fat.. it has the mg-ism gimmick where the armour slides downwards when bent..

    -regular lurker-

    1. If with that gimmick, it certainly doesn’t have to be so unproportionally big… especially for such a giant model. Surely it could’ve even be like .5 mm thinner or so. But what do I know… I don’t know how to design these things ^^;.

  7. When I saw the announcement…
    “OMG, three of the good ones in three months straight! Gack!”

    Yeah, I was excited to see them since I find that the MG Double/W CycloneJoker is actually pretty good (finals preventing eventual review posting however).

    Hm, wallet, how am I going to survive next year? D:
    Wallet: “ONORE DOUBLE!”

  8. I ignored reviews and advice for MG W Cyclone Joker and bought it (or it’s more like mine is already on it’s way when reviews started showing up ;^^), and perhaps it was one of my biggest regrets of buying plamo kits (though looking at how I never regretted other kits I bought, it probably wasn’t as bad as it sounds).
    More often than not, the poses I’ve put the MG W CJ in hardly looked right (it’s still possible to make it look good). It probably was because of the proportions. And the fingers, not only that it looked unnaturan, but the last segment of the finger wasn’t jointed and crooked, preventing the W to do it’s signature pose <_<. Should've stick to fixed hands like Goku and Luffy.

    Problems aside, MG W CJ is quite fun to play with (although there is compatibility issues since there're currently not much plamo or figure within the same scale, unless you don't mind W facing Goku, or another W).

    I wasn't very happy with W CJ's mold. Sadly Luna Trigger, Heat Metal, and Skull all used the same mold. But I had hopes when I saw pictures of Fang Joker. I'm not sure whether Bandai fixed the proportion issue in Fang Joker, or just the fact that the sharper design fits the proportions better, but I'm giving the MG Figurise Kamen Rider W series another chance with Fang Joker :)

    1. mm… that’s bad enough for me. Well, unfortunately for FangJoker… the hands are still the same as the rest so there’s that problem…

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