Sony Walkman


I’ve finally found the perfect mp3 player that fits my needs! ^^ While I think some of Sony’s products are utter trash (Vaios), I do trust their walkman line-up wholeheartedly. This little thing is quite the winner :)


My K800i has been suffering from an identity crisis for over a year now since I’ve also been using it as my mp3 player. To add to its confusion, I changed its original theme to a “walkman” theme despite it being a K series (camera) phone. I had to charge this thing every other day otherwise the battery dies. Now that it can finally become a cellphone again, battery life is back to a week. That’s a huge difference!


Since I haven’t looked at any mp3 players for almost three years, I thought I’d ask around to see what’s good before net shopping. All I got was “Get an ipod!”. … “SCREW IPODS!” was my response. I hate ipods. And it’s not because they are popular. Ipod’s music quality is mediocre at best and battery life is laughable. I used to have the 30 GB iPod Video and hated it then shipped it across the US to my friend in NYC.


This walkman lacks a name so I’ll just refer to it as “S” (its model line-up). This is your typical small-sized mp3 player (nano rival) and fits nicely in my pocket. Love the matte finish since it’s not a fingerprint magnet. There wasn’t any “new excitement” from navigating through the player because it has the same menu layout as that of Sony Ericsson phones. Notice how the menu is in Japanese even though it’s a US player. We otakus all know everything looks better in Japanese, right? har har.


I am a bit of an audiophile (I have the Logitech Z-5500 for my desktop if that tells you anything…). I only look for two main things in an mp3 player- It must play music well and it must have long battery life. This “S” walkman is said to have 40 hours but I haven’t tested that out yet. I have been testing its audio capabilities for over a week now though… and I’m lovin’ it! It is very engaging… once I plugged in the headphones (they are a modified version of Sony’s EX headphones), it’s like I’m surrounded by my music.The sound is very clear. Very clean. Very vibrant. For many songs, I even hear beats and instruments in the background that I’ve never picked up on my desktop speakers. Oh so sweet. The music settings has tons of optimizers (Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, EQs, etc) that just makes the music experience all the more enjoyable.It gets better though…


The best part of this player- ACTIVE NOISE CANCELING! This thing has built-in ANC that works with the earbuds to block out most outside noise. And IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM! Be it walking downtown, through campus, on the bus/MAX, or cafeteria hallway, I can barely hear anything outside of my music ^^. And this is with the player at 10% volume (3 bars out of 30!) Yay! Just me and my music. An audiophile’s wish come true. Noise-canceling headphones usually cost $100 up so I’m really glad this player comes with it. Best part of the best part- my manager (or anyone) can be in front of me talking and I wouldn’t be able to hear a thing they are saying :D. Haha.

Not really a review but just like to share some thoughts on this new toy of mine ^^.  This is probably one of the better worthwhile things I’ve picked up since my XSi. Do you use an mp3 player to get by your day?

22 thoughts on “Sony Walkman

  1. I have the same thing! (but mine’s silver)
    And nice lil Zero/Lelouch keychain you have dere…I wouldn’t mind having something like that for my phone. xD

  2. oh and I can’t find active noise cancelling on mine. It has volume limiting but thats about it. And yours seems to be in Japinese format.

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