Shigezo Izakaya

It is the end of the term and everyone is done with finals, so now what? CELEBRATE! Heard there was a newish Japanese restaurant downtown so thought we give it a shot…

I dare you to go through this post on an empty stomach… ;)

Awesome Christmas tree displayed after the front door.

To the left I saw a more western/bar-style seating arrangement. Cool wall there…

Look to the right and it felt like I’ve just stepped into Japan…

I didn’t know what this was until the dessert menu came at the end of the meal- it’s coffee jelly.

Since we were in a Japanese restaurant, of course we would prefer the Japanese seating style… sitting on these cushion on a platform with our shoes off :D. The table ended up being a bit higher than we would like in this setup but oh well. You know what’s the best part? The platform is HEATED! Just ever so warm throughout the meal without being overbearing. That was awesome…

More of the atmosphere. Very cozy. Many, many lanterns…

Cool tea cup… Let’s start dining, shall we?

Okonomiyaki… first time seeing it come in a taco shaped ^^;. IT WAS DELICIOUS! Savory, gooey, a bit spicy, chewy, warm, and all sorts of texture from the cabbage, bonito, squid, and meat. My Japanese friend approved… and so did I!

I like how they actually put in the effort to decorate it with the mayo and sauce… it’s pretty even just to look at haha.

Yakitori with sichimi… it is actually bigger than it looks in the photo because the plate itself was huge ^^;. This skewer was over $2.25 and it was just as good!

These are the most giant gyozas I’ve ever seen… they are about the size of egg rolls, if not bigger. Each half is like the size of a regular gyoza. Everyone was shocked when they saw the size ^^;. Loved it!

Saba! From the Hibachi!

I actually did screamed out “UUUMAII!” when I digged into a piece of this. It was just juicy and tender, yet still firm enough for a good soft bite. Perfectly flavorful…

or maybe I was just impressed by how well grilled the fish was…

My main dish- Miso Ramen. Loaded with cabbage, carrot, bits of corn, bean sprouts, seaweed, and cha shu (Japanese kind, not the Chinese one).

I think the veggies might’ve been stir-fried prior being added to the soup since they had that kind of crunch to them and were actually tasty.

The noodles had a good bite to them :D

It was my first time having miso ramen so I didn’t know what to expect and thought the broth was supposed to taste like miso soup (but it didn’t) but my friend said it wasn’t. And I’m glad- the rich and somewhat creamy broth tasted better than miso soup! And ladle for spoon= win.

My friend’s tonkotsu shoyu ramen.

I liked how thick the ramen noodles were ^^.

Green Tai Hai… is what the drink is called. As the name implies, it is basically a spiked green tea…

First time trying Yakko tofu- Basically cold tofu topped with bonito, green onions, ginger, and whatnot. To be eaten with soy sauce.

Relatively a bit disappointing compared to the other dishes mainly due to the tofu- it was not silky smooth like it should be for this dish (that much I know of prior to trying).

It’s not like I can really pick on the taste since this dish is not exactly cooked…

Eryngi/King oyster mushroom… one of my favorite!

Grilled and peppered with a dash of sauce… can’t beat simplicity in this case :D

Assorted kushiage… but basically an assortment of fried stuff that will offend anyone on any form of weight-loss diet. Before looking at the next photo, guess what the far left wedge is. Answer below next photo.

This is a deep-fried cheesecake-slice-sized wedge of mozzarella chese! :D

that melty, gooey, goodness… deep fried… oh wow…

Two in the center is fried beef and fried zucchini. Not sure I liked my beef fried though…

Fried quail eggs. Yep. Definitely a good way to give the finger to your diet ^^;.

I ordered these wings expecting “winglets”… but we got full-sized wings instead! WE WA SHOCK! These wings were pretty huge. At this point, my vocab is too limited to describe just how awesome the wings were with new words. Grilled in the same fashion as the eryngi.

Om nom nom!

Dessert time! Tiramisu with toasted hazelnut.

Tiramisu done right. ’nuff said.

This has to be one of the coziest spot in the whole restaurant! There are even curtains to shut out the rest of the world haha. We actually requested one of these rooms but it was already reserved >_<. Well, at least now I know where to take a date if we ever go out for Japanese food…

Total damage report for the three of us. Split and it was only $35 per person which I was more than happy to spend considering the QUALITY of the food, service (the waitress frequented us regularly), and the atmosphere. This was sure a great way to celebrate the end of the term ^^;. Good times!


All photos taken on the Lumix GF1.

45 thoughts on “Shigezo Izakaya

  1. wow, the cup with fish names. there also squid there… just put some beer and youl get IKADEVIL. tch, that lame isnt? orz.

    woah, those exteremly neat i see,…

    but why tiramisu?

    1. According to my Japanese friend, tiramisu is really popular in Japan actually… I made the joke that it was because the name sounded very Japanese so it is easy for them to pronounce ^^;.

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