Gundam Unicorn Ending 3

From the duo who gave you “Wings of Words” for Gundam SEED Destiny’s last opening, here is Chemistry’s newest single for the 3rd Gundam Unicorn ending- Merry Go Round.

Pretty catchy… I like it ^^. I have not seen the third movie yet though.

20 thoughts on “Gundam Unicorn Ending 3

  1. Z you make me feel sad about my Mk-V TT_TT
    I got the single a week ago and it was pretty amazing, but the vocal seems to have taken a wee back step from years ago, maybe its the lack of “yeah yeah”s and “mm mm”s.
    But it’s still a greatsong nevertheless, broke record plays on iTunes with this song.. 500 plays and counting..
    BTW do you like the cinema ver or the original ver better?
    P.S. BTW did you know the gloss is just that boss?

    1. My bad about the MK-V. I think you should just keep it and let it be a unique display piece in your home ^^;

      I think I like the cinema ver just a bit more… better flowing to me I think. The transition from the bridge to the remaining part of the song in the original sounds awkward.

      What gloss is just that boss?

  2. Just finished this. Whoever comes up with the battle choreography is a god; there’s no stock footage or stupid elite mook maneuvering. It was art of the finest quality (the whole thing, not just the animation), which I think has been very hard to find in most recent mecha anime.

    1. I would expect nothing short of beautiful animations and I would have none of that stock footage crap in a theatrical release. That would be just sad.

    2. Actually, there are re-used scenes on this episode; very minor but create some heated discussion in some forums.

      People just love to complain over small things.

      1. oh wait till they ever get around to releasing that SEED movie that’s been in development hell… I bet the amount of stock footage and copy-n-paste animation will unanimously drive all gundam fans to uncontrollable rage.

        1. Oh so true about the SEED-rage. How can it not happen?
          But yeah, I noticed the reused footage this episode. Can’t blame them, it IS an awesome little scene, and budgeting in new animation is hard when there’s an expensive newtype out-of-body experience.

  3. This reminds me more of “Period”, another song of theirs, rather than Wings of Words.

    Where do you watch the Unicorn OVA’s, anyway? Can someone give me a link to the second and third episodes? I’ve only watched the first so far and am confused about alot of things…

    …namely, when does it take place? Before F91 but after Char’s Counterattack? O__o?

    1. Three years after CCA. I’m guessing you’re not very familiar with UC stuff…

      You can find everything you need at the Tokyo Library *hint hint*

      1. Yeah, I’ve been getting into it more lately since I watched Zeta, 08th MS Team, War in the Pocket, and MS IGLOO all recently, but the timeline is still rather confusing to me.

        Tokyo…Library…? hmmmm…

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