WISP: HG 1/144 Kshatriya Main Unit

I am really taking my sweet time with this kit so progress is really slow but that is always better than rushing; I don’t want to make any silly mistakes or burn myself out already (damn, I need to increase my Gunpla stamina…). If you need more proof that the HG Kshatriya is actually an MG in disguise, then the arms and legs should be convincing.

Notice the sleeves are still missing as I haven’t gotten around to them yet orz. Waiting for a free day and nicer weather (later this week) to spray paint…

The legs… inner frames… MG ball joints that connects to the waist… accurate color separation…. typical MG style feet… Nope, not an MG at all.

Those are some mighty impressive legs… Not sure how I’m gonna go about topcoating it where I can cover every surface area ^^;. Oh yea, I’ve also assembled the waist too.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment.

13 thoughts on “WISP: HG 1/144 Kshatriya Main Unit

  1. Lookin’ real good so far…can’t wait to see them painted sleeves. :D I imagine yer leavin’ them funnel bits for last…I sure as heck wouldn’t want to jump into that mess anytime soon. ^^;

    Btw, Z, you didn’t go to Anime Expo this year? I know you’re not in LA or even California so I suppose it isn’t worth it to take a trip down here just for a convention. I know you’ve attended before, but that was a few years ago, right? ^^;

  2. Lookin’ Delicious. My Kshatriya had kind of weak ankle joints, so I’d watch out for that, especially when you slap those Binders on.

  3. oh snap, i’ve been away for too long and missed the start of the party XD

    your posts are starting to get me into the mood to finish that GM III I got from GG’s (november?) lucky draw…
    just the legs left…

    hurry! make a few moar posts! XD

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