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*looks around the place… brushes off some dust* Well… this place has certainly aged well (not). I can’t believe that I’ve been gone for over four (4!!!!) years but it’s time to get back into the game – Gunpla reviews! Now I haven’t even touched a gunpla, let alone build one, during those missing years so there is definitely some rust I need to polish off. The same goes for photography. And many other things. Damn… there sure is a lot to catch up on. Hopefully I can find my groove again before long.

First off, this site will need some layout refresh. Looking at it now, it’s like “dayummm… this place looks so dated!” so I’ll be changing stuff around here and there to clean this place up a little. Do note that while this place will still be called “Gunpla Inochi”, I have sadly lost my domain and have reverted back to the freebie Oh well. It’s not the name but the contents here that define this place!

Now for the burning question that nobody is asking… “WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME, Z?!!” *ahem*… To put it shortly for now, I had a serious case of “life happened” and fell off the face of the Earth after hitting rock bottom. I know it’s not exactly a proper answer after being MIA for so long but I also don’t want to immediately drop a wall of text here on Day 1. I will dive deeper into this later through separate posts but for the moment, let’s put this subject aside for more important matters at hand… like Gundams.

I don’t know how long I can do this again but this Gunpla passion of mine is still burning red, and as you can see, at least my arsenal is prepared so… time for some Gunpla!

HAPPY 2017!


17 thoughts on “Back to Gunpla

  1. Well I’ll be damned, you’re actually back. I kinda stopped for a second when I got an upgrade from Z in my inbox. It’s glad to have you back and I’m looking forward to what you have in store !

    Happy new year man !

  2. Wow… hey everyone! How are you all doing?!

    I was actually kinda confused how to write my posts since I don’t know if anyone is reading or will I just be talking to myself haha.

    Glad to still see that some of you are still hanging around :)

    Thank you!

  3. Hey Z, its nice to see you back. Your galleries have always been among the best out there when it comes to plamo reviews so I’m eager to see your new ones.

    You will have a hard time to catch up, as since you disappeared, Bandai released tons of new kits that I’m sure you’ll love, not to mention all those 3rd party companies that began to appear and deliver very good releases (if you are interested, check out the Dragon Momoko stuff).

    Word of advice. If you are still pondering about which gunpla you wanna add to you collection, get the MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka. It will blow you away.

    1. Hey BK, thanks for dropping by again and for the kind words. I am not sure if I will ever get back to that “prime” time but for now, let’s just have some fun and laughs with Gunpla.
      With my current situation, I think I am done with keeping up with the latest and greatest Gunpla. I should just focus on finishing what I already have ^^;.

  4. Welcome back.
    And thanks for commenting on my blog. Despite me never having stopped blogging, over time my site has turned into a ghost town where I simply continue to talk about my life as I slowly get a photoshoot uploaded now and then. Already, your blog is more lively than mine.

    Cannot wait to see more from you, as your photos were one of the inspiring factors that got me into photography and photoshoots. I am rather curious about your mysterious missing years, so hopefully you will discuss that at some point.

    1. Hey Flawless! Nice of you to drop by again.

      “Lively” is a relative term. Definitely nowhere near as how this place used to be. But this is good too. Take it easy but keep it going.

      And yea, I plan to talk more about those off-times when I can get my thoughts together on those since a lot went on.

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