The Winner


Congratulations to the Gordonator and his MG Wing Zero Custom on winning the contest. The above is the second photo of his entry. There’s nothing more appropriate than Wing Zero Custom dominating the sky ^^;. The majority agrees. Here’s the poll result:


As promised, the giveaway is the Kotobukiya R-Gun Powerd model kit (Gordon, check your email ^^).

The contest was fun and it was definitely interesting to see the different ideas all of you come up with to compete :D. It certainly gave me new ideas on what I could do with my own Gunplas. I’ll be hosting more giveaway contests in the future so I hope those who didn’t join this one will participate in the next. I’ll have better prizes including MGs but there will also be progressively harder contests…ranging from specific photo contests to something like “the best ‘home look’ Gunpla review contest”. Just brainstorming ideas haha. I really appreciate all the entries and once again, thank you all for playing! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now back to my Impulse…

13 thoughts on “The Winner

  1. Congrats Gordon. Your picture was indeed the best, well taken and innovative. I remember back then when I just started interacting on blogs, that picture of yours was among the first I commented on.

  2. special thanks to all those who voted, participated with their own entries and of course Z for his generosity. basically everyone lol. Christmas comes early. ^^;

    @ Panther,
    thanks, i still have the modified one which u photoshopped for me. if only i’m as good in photoshop. haha.

  3. Congrats to Gordon! I guess Haruhi-ism didn’t help in this contest. lol
    I’ll consider adding Yuki-ism and Mikuru-ism next time. XP

  4. Well done Gordon!

    I just remembered that I have a picture of my Zaku doing the facepalm haha. Oh well, will submit it next time.

  5. Oh, I just found that Gordon’s Wing Zero was already quite popular since March 2008 in a forum and there’s even a photoshopped version of the great picture:

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