MG Deathscythe EW Announced


– New type of XXX-G Frame derived from Wing Gundam to be used, which will eventually be shared by the 4 non-transformable Gundam Wing MSs – Gundam Deathscythe, Shenlong Gundam, Gundam Heavyarms and Gundam Sandrock.
– Snap mechanism incorporated for the hand unit to hold the weapon firmly.
– Beam effect part included for the claw deployment of the Buster Shield.
– Beam scythe can be mounted onto the backpack.
– Weapons and accessories: beam scythe, Buster Shield, beam part for Buster Shield.
– 15 runners in total. Comes with marking seal and Gundam Decal (designed by Hajime Katoki-sensei).
– September release, 3,990 Yen (inclusive of tax).

So I can safely assume that means the other Wing boys will have their MG treatments as well? One thing I’m confused though… the name says “EW” (which I assume it means Endless Waltz) but it is not the “Deathscythe Hell” and it comes with a Buster Shield so does it mean it will be the Deathscythe in the image above? Then it wouldn’t fit in with the new MG Wing, but the Wing Ver. Ka instead. I think we can safely assume it’ll be the Deathscythe Ver. Ka since it has decals designed by Katoki (hahah red warning labels anyone?). Gotta love the low price point too BUT… I’ll wait for them to add “Hell” in. I need them wings! :D

From Ngee Khiong

79 thoughts on “MG Deathscythe EW Announced

    1. I would LOVE an Epyon Gundam! though if they release the antagonistic mobile suit, chances are it’ll be the Tallgeese for the Wing.

  1. Am i only person who does not really appreciate this release? Im looking forward to a Tallgeese I/II/II MG release more lol. And forum what i see, I think this version is EW, Its katoki’s revision of Deathscythe.

  2. as said this will be fitting for those wing fanboys. this shocked me last night (my timezone) but the design gave the 0_o image so I’m gonna wait until the final confirmation (box-art and promo merchandise etc)

    1. In my digging for answers, on Figure FM, the poster who put up the Deathscythe EW announcement said he couldn’t find a picture of it, so put up the 3D render instead (link below), so chances are good that it’s Deathscythe Hell Custom from Endless Waltz.

        1. don’t forget when Bandai mentioned the Red Frame Kai a retail store (forgot the post just too lazy to research) used Z’s 100 NG Red Frame 2nd L image for the upcoming model. so this is not the final pic of the upcoming model. lets wait a 3 weeks to a month or so for a final confirmation of what Deathscythe we are gonna get..

          1. I’m not sure exactly where to look if that’s the case, but perhaps you’re confusing it with Dalong’s images being used by a gunpla knock-off being sued? And/or maybe this entry of Z’s…?


            Assuming what you brought up isn’t a case of mistaken memory and is true, it’s a good point. Maybe I should reserve my excitement and wait a bit, but with what I brought up below (combined with my hopes), I’m still leaning towards Katoki’s Deathscythe design. Don’t consider a DSH Custom hopeless if that’s the case. I keep bringing up the case of Wing Zero Custom coming on the heels of Wing ver. Ka.

            1. yep I was referring to that kitbash pic. forgot when the guy posted that. ^^, searching it gave me a headache

      1. I would’ve thought that–since on occasion we’ve seen CG or autocad images of Gunpla and related figures before we see them in model form–you’d take the Sotsu-Sunrise-labeled image in face value rather than doubting it, but I’ll bite…

        …Perhaps it could be both? I mean, like how the way the 1/144 (and I think the 1/100) Tallgeese III model(s) could be converted to the Tallgeese II or original with parts included. With some commenting on how the number of runners seem to be excessive for Katoki’s Deathscythe design and–above CG image aside–that there are descriptions of the Buster Shield that Katoki’s EW-esque redesign of Deathscythe sport (as well as Okawara’s Deathscythe and DS Hell), if it isn’t just Katoki’s Deathscythe design in MG form, then it could be both.
        If it’s actually just the DS Hell from Endless Waltz and the above image isn’t to be trusted (as I believe your message above implied; “[…]chances are good that it’s Deathscythe Hell Custom[…]”), I don’t think Bandai would immediately have changed their labeling of the Gundams appearing from EW as “Gundam [Insert Specific One Here] Custom”. Katoki’s Wing Zero didn’t when it appeared on GvGNP, so I have little doubt to conclude that–potential screwups aside–this very well could be just the Katoki’s redesign of Deathscythe. Or he could be working on a slimmed up version of Okawara’s Deathscythe Hell and someone messed up on the name and someone else just made that CG? *shrug*

        Okay, I bit, but in the end, I still think it’s Katoki’s Deathscythe. The image, the mentions of “Buster Shield” (and of Shenlong), lack of “Hell” in the title, the fact that Katoki’s designs don’t always get “ver. Ka” title after that (as GFF Wing has proven), and the fact that the website sourced in Ngee Khiong’s blog gives the model number of “XXXG-01D” (no 2, therefore no upgrade) leads me to conclude it.

  3. Hm. I did some simple research (i.e. I googled “Deahscythe EW”, and I came up with the Endless Waltz Version, after some digging…

  4. Now THIS is the Wing unit I’ve been waiting for to get the MG treatment…well, not exactly. I too, wished for an MG Deathsycthe Hell TV version, it being my favorite of all three iterations of Duo’s unit. Still, this is a good thing. It shows that there are indeed solid plans in place for all five Wing units, which in turn opens possibilities for MG of other supporting MS in the future.

    I imagine they could release Heavyarms & Sandrock Kai versions straight up with the optional parts to build either in the same kit, since their upgrades use very few extra parts. Though if the trend with the Ver.Ka. designs continues, this could be a moot point, since in Katoki’s upgrade designs, the upgrades go straight to the EW versions.

    Now that this has arrived, I’m going to have to pass on the recently re-issued HG 1/100 Hell which I was eying.

    I was also going to skip on the MG Wing, since I already have MGs of the Ver.Ka & the Wing Zero Custom, but all the great online reviews I’ve seen of it changed my mind…until now. Sorry, Wing. The Shinigami takes priority.

  5. am I the only one who prefer deathscythe ver ka than d-hell custom?
    to be honest, that’s my favourite type of deathscythe… :p

    1. I prefer all the Ver Ka designs because they all have stong hints of U.C influence. The legs, arms and torso look very U.C when the fancy spikes are removed and the head looks like it was donated by S-Gundam, which Katoki also designed.

  6. Why oh why does Bandai always manage not to choose the MS I really want? Give me Tallgeese, Wing Zero and Epyon! I’d even settle for some of the OZ grunts.

  7. Ok it is confirmed it is Katoki-sensei’s redesigned Deathscythe and NOT Deathscythe Hell -> Not cloak! They should remove the EW from the listing!

    1. maybe the plot here is to realease the early types of the model then milking the model to EW series just like what they did to wing zero custom which was milk from wing ver ka.

      1. Well I hope so… As I prefer the OVA Version to Katoki-sensei’s redesigned Deathscythe. No offence.

  8. it looks like A mash up of the EW version for the legs and than whatever fro the rest.
    this is ugly as hell and I would prefer the custom so much more because it was my fav out of the 5 customs!

  9. This seems to come about 10-15 years late, but given the engineering advances in the MG line, I welcome it.

    Definitely getting Heavyarms when it’s out (but I really want the EW Custom)

  10. Umm it’s the first deathscythe, if you bought wing ver ka loom in the manual the picture is the same

  11. It’s Deathscythe Ver. Ka.

    It matches perfectly with the booklet i have from Wing Gundam Ver. Ka. They will all be release as MG’s. They are basically the ‘first’ versions from the EW movie, created by Katori before Bandai butchered his work with bird wings, bat wings, and stupid paint themes.

    GO KATORI!!!!

  12. Its ver Ka, its not the DHELL, its the first Dscythe gundam, its called EW cause all the EW suit are VER KA, maybe if they remake the series in VER KA suit that will be good, continuing to EW and Gundam Wing Frozen Teardrop.

  13. wow…this is just another one of Bandai’s clever schemes.

    They’ve already released three MG variations of the mG Wing/Zero so it’s safe to assume that Bandai’s gonna release three variations of each Gundam from Wing: Original, Katoki redesign, and EW versions. The fact that this MG Deathscythe is gonna have the original torso/head/arms and the lower body of the EW kinda proves that…now all Bandai has to do is make some wings and a lower and upper body repectfully for the other two versions.

    *sigh* Bandai, you clever devil, you…and right after I got all five of the original Wing Gundams in 1/144 scale! D:

  14. Great News, the other Gundams from wing are being turned into Master Grades. I cant remeber whether its the EW versions or the TV versions though.

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