SHF Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor and Dark Kiva

WAKE UP news! Just the other day I was wondering why the heck there isn’t a SH Figuarts of Kiva when there is already a IXA. So glad Kiva is finally getting the SHF treatment along with his brother/father/King, Dark Kiva. I would like the original version of Kiva too just for his Hell’s Gate Rider Kick.  I’ve already seen the whole series and I think it was pretty enjoyable (the 1986 story side is better!).  Just look at the details on that figurART!

Though one thing kinda pisses me off though… Pre-Order for the two on Amiami is already CLOSED and this news tidbit was just announced! I don’t feel like ordering from HLJ at near full price though. People are so freakin’ fast… watch the figure will be discontinued before it is even released.

Also worth mentioning is the SHF Kabuto Hyper Form. Too bad I already have my eyes set on its SIC version…

Any of the three is a Must-get for you?

Photos from Ngee Khiong as usual.

14 thoughts on “SHF Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor and Dark Kiva

  1. Dark Kiva is definitely getting ordered, and I’ve got the N-Daguba-Zeba for my Ultimate Kuuga on the way now too. THis toy line is -really- nice, I’m glad I got in to collecting them.

    1. Yea I was thinking about jumping at the SIC Dark Kiva/IXA combo instead of the Figuarts. It’s cheaper too!

      The SIC Kiva is… kinda ugly though =/. There’s something about its eyes I don’t like…

      1. The SIC Dark Kiva/Ixa combo is nice because you get every single accessory pretty much. Now I have two bloody roses…weird. But having two zanbat swords is nice.

  2. AmiAmi’s preorders have a habit of closing quickly, then opening after a long weekend. Just camp during the next two weeks. It usually works, and there’s still 4 months left. Some people cancel their preorders (surprisingly).

    1. That’s very good to know. Thanks! xD

      Actually, I’ve been camping there for their restock of Figuarts Fang Joker, Decade and the Hardboilder but still no luck.. ^^;

        1. Thanks for the link ^^. I actually contacted that person before but he doesn’t understand “combined shipping”. I’ll check him out again.

      1. Then get back to camping because at the moment of this comment, the Fang Joker sh.fig has some preorders open. HURRY UP.

  3. Wow. The news is just out and the pre orders are already CLOSED? Wow… That Hyper Kabuto looks pretty sweet too. ‘Specially the light wings.

  4. The Figuarts Kiva Emperor and Dark Kiva looks badass. Though I’m gonna pass on both as I’m not a big fan of KR Kiva
    The Figuarts Hyper Kabuto is tempting, but like you, I’m waiting for SIC Kabuto.

    So Bandai, where’s my Figuarts Ryuki and Knight?

  5. man i think almost everybody is also picking up the kamen rider fad lately even i who wasnt that much interested in it before got interested after watching decade and looking at some sic’s

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