Mmm.. Oppai…

I think I just died a little inside. Got this magazine set from Kinokuniya yesterday. Err… I blame for influencing me to buy this otherwise it would never have cross my mind xD.

Aside from the featured oppai pad, there were other goodies included like stickers and pins of loli characters who I don’t even know the name of nor the series they are from ^^;.

And here’s the main bonus…

She sure as heck looks a lot better/cuter than my current and extremely old mouse pad, That’s for sure ^^;. After using it for about 30 seconds, I will even admit that it feels more comfortable and ergonomically shaped too *ahem* thanks to the “groove” on the cushion *ahem*. Not sure if I’ll eventually use this to replace my current mouse pad because I don’t want the material to fade xD. Actually, I’m already beginning to put it back into its package and leave it there.

As for the magazine… Definitely not my type of material; its entire content is all about Lolis! Explicit and otherwise. Seeing a pic now and then is fine with me but this is too much =.=. Must not jump to that side of the Otakusphere…

On Gundam related stuff, I’m done with photoshooting the Deep Striker so I just need to type up the review. I’ll be done tomorrow evening. Here’s a pic I did just for fun…

4 thoughts on “Mmm.. Oppai…

  1. Feidamu, you is loli fan? xD

    Uzumaki174, I bought it at a Japanese bookstore so I don’t know where you might find one without losing a leg or two ^^;

  2. nice. i liked Haruka. really moe. ^_^ i think the girl on the left with the long red hair is Tiaga. She’s from a new series called Toradora. Pretty funny. Cheers!

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