Alteisen Riese Status


In case anyone missed it, Old Iron Giant means Alteisen Riese ^^;. Alt-chan here looks promising enough. I’ll save all my comments for the review. All I have left are the waist and backpack/”wings”. Unfortunately I’ll also be gone for the whole day for the rest of the week so review probably won’t be up till the weekends or even next week ^^;.

6 thoughts on “Alteisen Riese Status

  1. Lucky you! I thought you might have been doing the 1/100 Alteisen, but damn your lucky. I’m still plotting a plan for my parents to get it for Chirstmas. But, I’ll probably know wait til after your review til I get it since I don’t actually know much about the Kotobukiya products.

  2. lol same here Hono-san i thought Z was also doing the Alteisen 1/100, that’s the one I have. but looking forward to this review nonetheless.

  3. Hehe everyone picked up the “old iron” part and missed the “giant” xD. I think I might be able to finish on Saturday ^^;.

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