GN Arms Type E Kaishi!


Since my camera went out of battery during my MG Impulse photoshoot, guess I’ll launch my next project: HG 1/144 GN Arms Type E = Gundam Exia (Trans-Am Mode). I’ll finish up on Impulse’s review tomorrow for sure though. I’m just getting a bit carried away with it ^^;. Expect a REALLY LARGE gallery. UPDATE: Currently typing up the review right now but I’m going to sleep. I’ll post it up later tonight (it’s almost 3 AM right now). Hope all of you will look forward to it! ^^


It’s funny how Exia only takes up two pages in that huge construction manual and the rest is all for the GN Arms xD. I’m quite amazed at the amount of runners in this model and even more surprised that there’s not a huge abundance of foil stickers. One thing I am disappointed in is that this Trans Am Exia is rather… half-assed. I’ll be doing something about that…

20 thoughts on “GN Arms Type E Kaishi!

  1. Yeah the Exia trans-am is really half assed :P I have this same kit. I pose my other anime figures in the GN-Arms instead of the Exia :P. GN-Arms is sweet!

  2. With the fact that Bandai’s planning to reuse the old parts and release all 4 Gundams in Trans-Am mode, I have to agree even more that this “Trans-Am” is pretty half assed ^^;;

  3. Yeah, the main reason I didn’t want this is seeing the quality of the Trans-Am Exia in Dalong. Looks like that Exia is really just an extra part.

    Right now, I can’t wait for 1/100 00 Gundam to be released here. I really didn’t expect Bandai would give a normal grade battery operated parts for the Twin Drive System. Thought that would only be for Master grades.

  4. Loba, ahaha… if I can pull off something like that then I would be one happy gunota.

    Gunstray, even better… recolored stickers!

    Neosonic, the 00 region exia is nice but having no articulation doesn’t do it justice ^^;

    Francis, I can’t tell the difference xD

    Acesan, Guess that’s the only worthwhile thing out of this kit haha..

    Q,I know… orz

    Chris, LED stuff would only be for PG actually. Guess Bandai wanted to charge more by adding that little gimmick. We all fall prey for anything that lights up xD.

  5. No, MG Zeta ver1.0 has light-up gimmick for its tail binder. But forget that, that MG is a disaster. BTW, If I were you, I’d get normal Exia HG kit and ditch that half-assed transam Exia somewhere…maybe for some kitbashing^^.

  6. GN Arms Type E is nice, was also thinking if I should buy it,but for now I have to pass on it since in February will be released 1/100 Cherudim Gundam and this one is must buy for me :D .

  7. Yeah i agree, because if bandai made the trans am like the 1/100 (pearl coat-thing), it will be another disaster to our pocket, lol
    oh yeah check the dynames + gnarms too,,
    i dunno if the gn arms is the same too.. But i think that’s better than half assed trans am..^^

  8. I prefer the GN Arms Type D. That massive twin cannon of doom is so sexy…
    As for the “Tran-Am” Exia… meh, maybe this type E would look even better if you attach that soon to come HG Exia in proper Tran-Am colors.

  9. yea… 00 region has no articulation :(
    Anyway, if I were you, I would re-color that red sticker and red rubber parts to make back to light gray. At least, you can get “normal” exia that way… (well, I dunno how to solve the “bigger” eye though).

  10. You could just get a regular Exia and stick it in there, 1/144 Exia is pretty cheap. Or you could stick a figma in there like Gordon did.

    Alternatively you could buy some pink nail polish and make Exia full Trans-AM XD

    @Eyeshield30: Dynames’s GN-Arms Type D has a twin barrel cannon on the right arm and a crapload of missiles in a box on the left. Other than that I think they’re the same.

  11. Reeoyuy, I had that MG erased from my mind… thanks for reminding me >_>;

    Gordon, I’ve always liked how creative that was of you xD

    Anonymous, yea… you should pass on this one (it’s quite expensive), the Cherudim is probably nicer ^^

    Eyeshield, actually… I totally forgot about the Dynames + GN Arms combo o_o. Never thought about it while making up my mind on this GN Arms.

    Beamknight87, will have to see how that Exia really looks like first ^^;

    Neosonic, I can easily convert my Astraea back to Exia if I want but I already have plans for this Exia ^^

    GNdynames, mm… I like your alternate idea haha

  12. I was on the verge of getting this (I was ” this close) when I thought “Hey let’s look some pics of the thing at Dalong…”

    0_0 Exia looks like ass 0_0

    And where I live it isn’t cheap either, this kit costs U$S150 here. An easy pass for me.

  13. Wow I wouldn’t even consider that if that was the price… no way should a HG cost three digits unless it’s the 1/144 Dendrobium >_>

  14. Haha, you’re welcome ^_^ Ok, let’s pretend that thing never exists.
    So, have you decided what to do with that Exia?

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