Turn A Turn

Well, guess I kinda went ahead and finished the review through Safari as wordpress is all weird on firefox at the moment. So finally, here is the MG Turn A’s review. At this rate, I am still good with one review per month xD. Oh yea, I’ve cut back on the number of photos too so hopefully that’ll ease up the task of scrolling down for some of you- There is only 99 images this time around ^^;. I consider this review to be incomplete at the moment though as there’s still more things I’d like to add but that have to be until I am free from the wraith of school though. So for now, hope you all enjoy this one for now ^^.

Next project be the R-2 of Gundams.

7 thoughts on “Turn A Turn

  1. halo there…juz stop by to say hi to u..coz juz realise that u drop by my site and my site was in ur blogroll…is my honor….so mind tell me hw u know my site??have a nice day

  2. Sweet, I was just watching the whole series just recently, thinking about buying the model or not. Thanks for the review

  3. Shinra, think R-2 from SRW:OG ^^

    Chris, close… xD

    Otaku, ah… I probably found your site through the networks from the other comrades on my blogroll. You do some pretty awesome stuff so I added you and check back every now and then ^^.

    bd77, thanks! that looks great man! You even added the motion effect too! Hope you don’t mind if I upload it to the review :D

    Goroke, so what you think of the anime?

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