Gundam Marker Eraser Marker

Even though I’ve bought this pen a while back, it’s only now that it finally shines on me. CSI Creos obviously created this keshi marker for amateurs like me who can’t paint or mask parts properly.

A noob like me who has no business painting Gunpla failed at masking and ended up with paint streaks running out of the intended location. Oh what should i do besides FML?

Hello Gundam Marker Eraser! With the solid tip of the pen, I can actually PINPOINT the exact spots I want to “erase” and then wipe off the residual with a q-tip for a very clean finish! No more messy blotches trying to clean with cotton buds and alcohol! The Pen is so much more convenient! ^_^b

Best of all, the solid tip of the pen can self-clean! Simply just wipe it on any towel and all the paint that got on it will instantly be cleaned right off of it! AMAZING!! CLASH!! MA*I*DO!

Now you can make your work look clean and professionally done! ^_^b *teeth sparks*

30 thoughts on “Gundam Marker Eraser Marker

    1. Yes… cuz I just used it to clean some gold off of Shining too.

      Update: However… don’t get the idea that you can just dip the piece in gold or do a sloppy job and use the marker to clean it up. It is not THAT effective. This pen is best used to clean slight ink bleeding(the photo above is probably as bad as you would really want to do… anything more than that and it will get really messy).

      1. hey Z do you have any alternate to cleaning up paint spills? i have decided to paint my sinanju’s gold parts with gold gundam marker for sangokuden kits but i can’t start till i find out some way to cleaning the paint…..

  1. Actually the excess paint can be scraped off using design knife, just scrape it off gently will do. Is there any cons using this method?

    1. but the design knife can potentially scratch the parts though.

      The cons of this method comes when there is too much of a screw up for this marker to handle and it’ll just end up spreading the mess everywhere, and you might end up spending a long time to fix it.

    2. Another handy method I use is wooden toothpick. Wait for the paint to dry slightly so no smudges, and use a toothpick to clean up. Scratch as much as u want as softer material (soft wood) can’t scartch harder material (plastic). Very good for small spaces and fine lines. However take ages if the mess is big (its where this thing comes in, for bigget mess: cotton bud and thinner)

  2. Hey I’m working on my MG Spiegel Gundam at the moment. GB that shiz…. G Gundam style. The thing about starting a new blog is that you dont have to keep building models to keep up with posts hah.

    Hmm… Gundam Marker Eraser. I’ll need to look into that.

    1. Yea… I remember I can dish out several reviews in a week when I started this blog from just reviewing models I already have.

  3. hahaha nice infomercial advertisement! im sold, could always use some help in the clean up department stages in my kits ^^;;

    was this intended for color marker removal also? seems like it would get worn out fast that way though.

  4. As a warning, this stuff is highly corrosive like gundam markers themselves. while it’s not bad for cleaning up messy bits like Z’s post you should definitely beware of getting that stuff around any sensitive or moving parts on your kits.

  5. These things are good, but avoid using them on those Shiny gold painted gundams like that seed destiny model, it’ll tend to wipe off the gold paint.

  6. Z,
    Thanks for sharing! I was never convinced it’ll work, until I saw your photos of it in action. I’ll add it to my to-buy-list when I visit the Gundam Fiesta tomorrow.

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