Top Easiest Master Grades

I’ve received numerous emails from people over the months with questions along the lines of “hi, I’m a complete newbie. What is a good starting MG?” so I guess now is as good a time as any to make a post about what *I* find to be some of the easiest Master Grade models (or just MG kits that people can start out with). Hopefully this can help some of those who are just starting out ^^.


When I first saw “Master Grade” kits in stores, I was both astonished and intimidated by its name and huge boxes (compared to the EW 1/100 and 1/144 models). I thought “wow… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to build one of those. They look hella hard!”… har har. After ten years, Master Grades are now my Gunpla grade of choice. I’m sure many of you will feel the same way sooner or later :)

Even though all Bandai MGs are just snap-ons and “designed to not need paint” so “anyone” can assemble one, that doesn’t you can just go grab your favorite Gundam, snap it together, and think it’ll look great. As with any sort of modeling, the quality reflects your effort. The better effort you put in, the better the model looks. A big duh here. Anyway… on to the list… The models listed are in no particular difficulty order so my idea is just start with the one you like best (that is easy).

1. MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka

Whether you want to put on the decals/stickers on or not (that’s a different story), this will be THE easiest MG you’ll ever build. If you can build the original 1/100 Gundam Wing or Gundam X models then this one is barely, just barely, a step above. Plain and simple assembly. Nothing to worry to be confused about. This model looks great but the childish ease of assembly means its articulation is also that of the old 1/100 HG (aka almost none).

2. MG Aile Strike Gundam/Rouge (or just any Strike models)

While its Striker packs can vary in difficulty (but none are actually hard; just time consuming), the Strike Gundam itself is easy to assemble. I remember finishing the Strike Rouge in one day. The Strike just follows a very simple MG Structure- snap inner frame, then put on armor parts. Easy. The model also has decent articulation to boot.

3. MG RX-78GP03S Gundam Stamen

Yes, this is an old kit. Yes, it only has basic articulation (therefore no action poses). BUT this is model is a looker. You can’t deny that it looks great and one of the better UC designs! Difficulty ranks just about the same as the MG RX-78-2 Ver. Ka. There is nothing to it.

4. MG MSN-04 Sazabi

Surprised to see this huge beast as one of the easiest MGs? Yea, me too. I’m serious. For its size, this model is very straightforward and almost a breeze to put together. The pieces are big too so it is also easier to handle if you have big hands. The part that sucks the most is that all this thing can do is stand there and collect dust.

5. MG MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki

The Hyaku Shiki is released around the same time as the GP03S so it is assembled around the same (old) basic MG format. Hyaku Shiki has the bling though and relatively better articulation than expected of its time. The model is sturdy and looks great so why not?

6. MG ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

This was my second MG… like a year or so after my first MG, the Stamen. I found it to be EASY. There’s not many panel lines to detail and assembly is a snap (pun intended). Great to just put together and have some fun posing it with its base. Problem is it will eventually turn back-heavy.

These kits are the easiest I can think of off the top of my head. There are probably more that are just as easy if not easier but these are the ones that are in my collection. People who are starting out on MG actually have quite a range to choose from ^^. Do share if you own some MGs that are also very easy or great for beginners. There’s no need to worry. Effort and practice makes perfect.

I’ll probably make a “Top Difficult MG kits” post tomorrow or something to follow this one.

34 thoughts on “Top Easiest Master Grades

  1. Siroh, ahhh! resources! my bad. Misread. Hmm… can’t help you there because it never crossed my mind to shop at those places for substitute supplies beside cotton buds and rubbing alcohol (they are VERY handY!).

    Zro, all these negative talks about the FC… really lookin’ forward to working on it now. Gotta take precaution…

    Acedude, you are just dry brushing with your toothbrush? and where’s the link? xD

  2. Well, I’d imagine with usage of markers like the specific ones mentioned for panel-lining, a pen would be too sloppy and/or ineffective, and normal markers of various sizes would be too big. I can find tools somewhere to try removing nubs and applying stickers and a sense of patience, and there might be some paint somewhere for help, but I have my doubts on that. Not sure I should try painting though yet, especially for my HGUC GP02A (Type-MLRS). Sandpaper I wouldn’t really need right now (I don’t think I do), but I was under the impression before that it was what’s used to make the gunpla a single plain color and ready to paint.

    I guess I can try and experiment the next time I go out for Gunpla-building resources and other errands.

  3. Z, agree with you… I have MG RX-78-2 Version KA, it’s damn easy, Strike I have 2 of them (Aile and the Launcher/Sword) very easy and surely my favorite Gundam (I know you don’t like Strike.. hahahaha)… As for GP03S, Sazabi, Hyaku Shiki and Freedom – I don’t have the MG kits (yet), but after reading your post about MG and HGUC Sazabi, I think I just rather buy the HGUC version.

    I think MG Char’s Zgok (MSN-06S) is also one of the easiest MG kit to do along with GM (the old kit) – I have both of these… for beginner who scared about difficult task, then you should start with Zgok and the old GM kit.

    I also have Strike Freedom, almost the same as Freedom basically but a little heavier and more time consuming…

    RX-78-2 OYW (from the frame of 1.5), as you wrote in one of your posting… that leg part is annoying and I also agree with that…

    By the way Z, I add your link in my blog Shewsbury Land ( under the Link category on the Right Sidebar… hope you don’t mind… cheers

  4. yeah, just take any brush with fine enough bristles and just go at it!
    I find jabbing motions superior to brushing motions.

    does this thing not display urls or somethin’?

  5. Wow awesome list Z, gonna help ^^ I’m eyeballen that RX-78, just love the retro feel plus it is the first gundam ever made ^^(I think) The strikes as well, The Mg Strike + IWSP would have to be my favorite MG(in terms of looks and accessories)

    As for my first MG, I just finished applying the stickers ^^ not really what you call a starter kit but I got through it :D

    For Siroh32, the best place would have to be your local Michaels, they have Testors paint and a ton of other necessities, not the best but got to go with what you got ;D

  6. Yeah Roy… agree… Strike with IWSP is damn cool – plus the fact that I really love Strike Gundam… so I guess the IWSP is the ultimate variation for Strike Gundam… I want to have that sometime around this year…

  7. Strike IWSP was relatively easy. Having only assembled an HG Zeta before, I made Strike IWSP with no difficulty.

  8. When I first saw MG Strike Freedom in Chinatown I was like “ahhhhhaaa….if only i could get one of those bad boys, then I’ll have something amazing! But I’ll never get one…”
    Turns out after I cheaked my wallet I had barely enough for it so I dished out the money and brought my first MG model. I thought it would be impossible to accomplish, but I got one. (However, I fataly screwed up on the wings)
    But I stil only have 4 MG’s. I usually go for the 1/144 NG’s and HG’s. and I have ONE 1/100 HG. My entire collection consits mostly of HG 1/144’s. While yours consits mostly of MG’s. T_T

  9. Hey, Z. Could you possibly assemble the opposite of this post?

    If anything, I want to create something difficult and challenging so the end result can be oh so sweet. I’m sure the Sinanju is in your list of the most difficult models you assembled, but I don’t have $70 to spend so easily…

  10. I’m a real rookie in Gunpla business, I only have 2 HG, 1 FG, 1 MG and a NG, and I didn’t really gave them the care they deserve, no paintingm no coating, no nothing, just the panel lines and that’s it. My first MG is the Strike Freedom, i wasn’t hard, it was just time consuming, but after I saw the result, it was them that I decided that Gundam Modeling would be my hobby, now I just need money …

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