Second Giveaway Kick Off


‘Tis the holiday of giving. I’ve received my fair share of goodies this year and I’d like to give a little too so I’m starting this little contest. This time the prize will be the SD ZZ Gundam. This time it’ll be a game where everyone can readily play instead of submitting stuff to me. The contest is literally a photo hunt ^^. Think you have good (optical) eyes?


– on SUNDAY THE 7TH (that’s tomorrow for me), I will insert FIVE misplaced photos into my review pages. Simply hunt them down and email your answers to me (zyuan3618[at]hotmail[dot]com). Specify the misplaced photo (what is the photo of and in which review). THE TIME I WILL BE INSERTING THE IMAGES IS AT 10 PM PST.

– Do check back to this post to see if I change the # of images I’ve inserted in the event I can’t plug in all five…or I decided to plug more than five >_>.

– I’ll simply plug in a photo from one review to another. The images will be in my reviews only so you don’t have to go looking at my blog posts.

– EXAMPLE: If you find a photo of the MG Impulse in the MG Unicorn review then that’s the misplaced photo. Easy yea?

– EXAMPLE 2: an image of SD Strike Noir in the MG Strike Noir is still a misplaced image unless it’s a “comparison shot”.

– I can plug all the images into one review or spread it throughout this entire blog :)

– The misplaced image in another review will still show up in its original review so you can confirm for yourself that it is “misplaced”.

– Biggest hint: I’ll be very obscure and obnoxious with the photos so do look carefully. THE PHOTOS CAN BE ANYTHING AND FROM ANYTHING REVIEWED ON THIS BLOG! EVEN A PAGE FROM THE MANUAL OF ANOTHER GUNDAM COUNTS!

– Game goes until someone wins. If there are two correct answers within the same hour, then I will start another hunt for those two to duke it out.

– If no one gets it, then you can just call me a bastard xD.

– Will post answers after whoever wins

-Just have fun ^^

Nothing big this time like a photo competition but this should be fun also. Good luck to you all who wants to play!