HGUC Sazabi Review


HGUC Sazabi’s review is up!I want to start on my HGUC Nu Gundam too but I’m on a bit of a time crunch at the moment.

The snow storm here kicked up again and today is the worst so far. Everyone is expecting six inches of snow (that’s laughable to some of you) and freezing rain right after. It was 19 degrees when I was driving home and I couldn’t see any further than 20 feet ^^;. Driving in heavy snow is almost like driving in a dream… that’s really dangerous o_o. As I was driving, I keep seeing abandoned cars on the road, some stuck under the snow and can’t get out, fishtailing, and even spin outs. I had some trouble getting my car to start moving from a stop but other that, I was pretty stable and planted on the ground ^^;. Even without tire chains, I drove up and down hills with ease, still turn without slipping, and kept control the whole time but ironically, my tires got stuck in the snow while I was trying to get into my garage xD. The snow in front of my house was left untouched since the morning. Bridgestone Potenzas FTW! ^^;