Tare Danny Button


First the shirt and now the button ^^;. Received this yesterday from Zazzle courtesy of Chun for winning first runner up to a “Guess that DC member!” contest. Thank you Chun! ^^


As you can see… I still suck at using my SLR. Nonetheless, this is a cute button but I’m not sure how to sport it though ^^;. (Haruhi is still holding it)

On an unrelated subject, one thing I didn’t realize when I started the Photo Hunt was that it made my blog view “artificially” skyrocketed ^^;.


I’m like… “Wow…” xD. Guess I should be happy about it but not really when I know most of the hits come from the few participants going through all my pages over and over again ^^;. I’m a bit of a stat addict but I won’t deliberately do things (unrelated to blog’s content) solely for the sake of racking up hits (like requiring you to click through links after links after links)… nor am I fond of others blatantly doing it *coughautoblogandyahoocough*. Something about that just isn’t right (it’s damn cheap); I think people will read your blog naturally if they find it worthwhile. I’m VERY happy with my 1k+ hits average per day right now compared with 1-200 I used to get a couple of months back xD. It looked very good on the graph until that giant spike came along ^^;. As always, I appreciate all of you for coming here and reading this blog. Thank you :D

For those who are wondering whatever happened to me and building the GN Arms…


That’s all I got done so far. It’s been a hectic week ^^;. Will try to put in the effort to complete most of it by the end of tomorrow.