Astraea Type F Progress

With the MG Sinanju already coming my way, I feel a bit motivated and put some effort into finishing Astraea ASAP. Using the Avalanche Exia’s lower half to prop up the body, here are a few shots. I also did more work than I had intended with this model.


– V-fin is painted (crest and yellow part- both were originally for foil stickers). A bit messy but still trying to clean it up.

– Gray “beard” on face plate is painted. Gray shoulder part is also painted (replaced the damn foil stickers).

– All clear orb pieces are painted in clear green.

– Arms are also completed.

– Don’t worry… I”ll definitely pose it with the mask on.

– One layer of top coat.

Will try to try to try to try to complete it over the weekend… If I don’t spend the whole day playing SRWZ ^^;